More than likely, throughout your life you have witnessed some strange and unexplainable events. There may have been times when you knew what was going to happen next -- times when you not only knew who was calling on the phone, but exactly what they were going to say.

There may had been those moments in a far distant place where you knew what was around the next corner. Maybe it was a face that you recognized from your past, but yet not of this lifetime -- a telling glance, a hint of fleeting recognition.

Then too, there may have been those moments where you were led to a place that proved to hold great importance for you, or a person who was exactly who you needed to meet in order to fulfill the next stage of your life's journey.

How did that happen? What invisible forces propelled you to those events? Was there someone watching over your shoulder, like a guardian angel? Are there unseen beings following us about and interacting with us on a psychic or spiritual level, leading us, proding us, or event at times taunting us to become healed or event yet more self-destructive?

Follow me on my journey into this hidden and secretive world where angels and demons await. Through my eyes, be a witness to exorcisms in Mexico, initiations into secret orders in France, and finally, to dramatic healing sessions with the spirit plant ayahuasca in the highlands of Mexico.

Follow me on my journey into the world behind your reality -- the counterpoint to reality!