The 12 Energy Vortexes of Relationships

Almost everyone will agree that our favorite music holds an unexplainable magic. With only two notes we can be transported into a past memory or taken on a starry-skied mystical journey to a far away never-land. The power of those two notes also can rally us to take action, inspire us to bravely charge into battle, or break our hearts with tenderness.

The twelve notes of the chromatic scale, when divided into pairs, form intervals that carry with them the potential to express every human emotion––from love to fear, from joy to tragedy. In essence, we could say that they are the spiritual foundations of our expressions.  They represent that quality that best describes what it is to be human. And, found within those twelve intervals is a magical progression that musically takes us from unity, through diversity, and finally back, once again, into unity. Through the continuing octaves, the cycle becomes a never-ending oscillation of energy.

Our relationships, while paired together––not unlike those musical intervals––express that very same energetic bonding. Like music, there are twelve interval groupings, based off the birth months that we create when we unite with another. And, as in music, those various combinations express all of our loves and dreams, as well as our fears and phobias.

Each of the 12 relationship intervals are the result of an energy vortex––a concentration of our human dreams and desires. They range from unity to opposition and are as follows:

  • Expression of unity. (Unison Interval)
  • Freedom to be unique and individual. (Flat 2nd Interval)
  • Freedom to be unique, but also sharing. (2nd Interval)
  • Expression of mood, sensitivity and love. (Flat 3rd Interval)
  • Desire for joy, love, companionship and social expression. (3rd Interval)
  • Need to share intimately, but also to explore on an individual level. (4th Interval)
  • The desire to dominate or be dominated, to express self-will. (Flat 5th Interval)
  • Expression of strength and stability. (5th Interval)
  • Desire to express joy, love and companionship but on a higher, more global level. (Flat 6th Interval)
  • Desire to express mood, sensitivity and love in an altruistic way. (6th)
  • Expression of uniqueness and independence, but with acceptance. (Flat 7th Interval)
  • Desire for total independence, but with compassion toward others. (7th Interval)


The 12 combinations of our birth months offer the opportunity to choose between love and joy, strength, dominance, and finally independence. Every attribute of our human expression is represented in the birth month intervals, just as it is in music.

Throughout time, man, by combining all of the various intervals from consonant to dissonant, has created the most beautiful of music. Every vortex of musical energy has played an important part in the construction of symphonies and songs that have touched our souls.

Just as the composer combined those intervals to achieve harmonic greatness, we too, by blending with each other––consonant and dissonant––help create our marvelous symphony of life.

Get the relationship you desire and deserve!

It’s You Babe!

As I date myself, I look back on the pop tune by Sonny & Cher, “It’s You Babe!”  Do you recall that song? Well, when all is said and done, it IS you, babe! You are the one who constantly creates your reality, your view of the universe, your matrix. You are the center of a world that is in constant motion, swirling around you. Interestingly, science had found years ago that the atom, like you in your world, is circled by what’s called an electron. This little atomic part neatly transverses the orbit of the electron in a very predictable and stable way. Since that discovery however, Quantum Physics blew that idea out of the water when it discovered that the electron only behaves that way when we observe it! When we are not looking (in our case, not being conscious) the electron is all over the place, showing up in multiple spaces and orbits, and forming the basis of ALL possibilities, not just one. It’s not until we participate, by observing, that the electron behaves the way WE expect it to.

This discovery led science closer and closer to the philosophies of the Eastern Mystics. These sages have known for millennium that, by our individual and collective participation, we are the creators of our reality. That means we, collectively and individually, are the sole inventors of our loves, our wars, our joys, our selves and of all those with whom we live. If what you just read were true, that we play a major role in forming what we call life, then wouldn’t it be best to wake up and be more conscious of our participation, so that the results would be more beneficent, more joyful and loving?

According to Harmonology, there are 12 birth months in the year and 12 basic intervals in music. The 12 intervals, in essence, convey all the emotional possibilities we humans are capable of expressing. There are intervals that express aggressiveness, such as the flat 2nd. Then, there are intervals that exude love and tenderness, like the flat 3rd and 3rd. Likewise, there are intervals that form the pillars of strength and dependability, such as the 4th and 5th. There is even one that hold the energy of dominance and submission, the flat 5th.

Our relationships are formed in similar ways––the 12 possibilities that express our need for growth, expansion and expression. For each birth month combination there is energy exuded that is similar to that which is sensed through music. Some of us desire love and togetherness, the flat 3rd and 3rd, while some demand independence and space, the flat 2nd and 2nd. Others may crave to completely merge with another’s soul, as in the unison.

By being aware of this hidden energetic matrix of relationships, you, like the scientific observer, can determine the outcome of a seemingly random collection of possibilities. The ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself,” when applied to Harmonology, means to know what your true desires are for your life path––what exactly you are needing for your soul fulfillment––so that your relationship electron can revolve around you, in its orbit, the way you want it to.

Take command. Create the relationships you desire and deserve. After all, It’s You Babe!

Living in the Flat 2nd.

While it’s very difficult to explain Harmonology solely by using the language of music, it often is easy to observe it in action. Everyday, we are confronted with various relationships––our neighbors, friends, children or people who casually enter our lives in various ways. There, at those moments, is the perfect time to apply Harmonology’s concepts and put them to the test. There, life becomes our school where we constantly learn to develop our skills at recognizing our energies at play.

Yesterday, I met with a friend whose partner asked about the book. Both were curious as to how the concept worked, but I could tell there was a level of apprehension. Of course, had I not known about Harmonology, I too would have been cautious in just blindly accepting its premise.

I gave a quick overview using the flat 2nd as an example, stating that it was one of the most dissonant and difficult intervals with which to maintain constant harmony. Being just my luck, these two guys were born one month apart––a flat 2nd. Now, I really had to prove the power of Harmonology as they both stood there before me, waiting.

I related how the interval functions like two very closely held magnets. If you have ever played with magnets as a child, you probably remember the power they had when brought closely together. Those magnets desperately fought to smash back into each other, to become one again. Then again, at times when the polarity was reversed, they repelled one another like each had the plague. No matter how one held them, they were in constant rebellion.

In music, the flat 2nd is the first division of the unison. It’s the primal point after the unison gives way into individuality. The energy is so strong, the mathematical ratio so high that it can only be classified as dissonant. It is power, cutting energy and independence rolled all in one. Each note of that interval craves freedom. It is as though they have been let loose from the confines of the unison and are now allowed to become something on their own, without the bounds of conforming to a second note. The same is true in the case of interpersonal relationships.

People finding themselves in the flat 2nd interval relationship, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, are seeking independence. From the outside the interval appears to be slightly aloof, maybe even dysfunctional.  Internally, however, it is going just as planned. One of the guys, after hearing that explanation, confessed that he craved his alone time, and that as a child he stayed by himself much of the time. Though both guys loved their relationship, they needed and demanded space.

We all have to be careful not to be judgmental in our viewpoint of another’s relationship. The flat 2nd may not work for someone seeking the energies of a 4th or 5th, but it very well could be perfect for those needing empowerment, independence and freedom. There is an interval for every couple that perfectly expresses their needs and goals.

Discover your interval relationship and live the life you desire and you deserve!