Can you feel your world?

We all have those special relationship with a friend that just feels right. For some ‘unknown’ reason everything clicks. And, almost every time you are with that person, it’s a joy. Often, you find our thoughts of your friend welcomingly reoccurring in your mind throughout the day. Unquestionably, you are blessed to have these close connections. With any luck, they may even turn out to be your husband or wife, child or parent, but most often it’s your best friend. When you meet these soul-mates for the first time, you feel a warmth––a knowing inner connection. At times it feels as though there is an unimpeded energy transfer taking place when you are together.

Then again, have you ever had the experience of being introduced to someone and then getting a definite danger signal? Maybe you felt an unease by being near them, or even sensed a repulsion. How did that manifest to you? A prickly feeling on the back of the neck? A queasiness in your energy system? Or have you, at times, felt as though there was is an invisible wall separating the two of you? An instinctual knowing that you will never connect in a deep way with them?

Either way, there is a palpable energy transference that can either flow freely or feel blocked. At these times of connection, your inherent energetic nervous systems––our extrasensory radar––jumps into play to encourage you to move forward or to proceed with unexplained caution. It’s when you block that 6th sense that you step into the relationship with blinders, often relying on your rational brain to justify or negate the impressions that the heart is attempting to divulge. Later, you feel as though you have been betrayed, but that’s often due to the false impression you accepted when you discounted the wise counsel of your heart, your inner wisdom.

How does this inner wisdom know that which is unseen, that which is hidden behind the scrim of our observance? Could that inner wisdom be none other than your essential self, your Higher Self?  All of your perceptible existence is formed from vibrations. From the essence of space to the solidity of earth, your reality is built upon higher and higher octaves of spiraling and ascending energy. It’s the DNA serpentine coil of the universe. You, being a part of nature, are also a result of that energy coil. You can even go so far as to say your thoughts are also a manifestation of that primal energy. Nothing exists separate and apart form the vibratory matrix of creation.

Your Higher Self, being intimately connected to the greater intelligence of the cosmos, and being vibrationally and sensitively tuned to the harmonic substructure of life, resonates with all vibrations, especially those found in close proximity. When you encounter another person who enters your auric field––your perimeter of vibration––the Higher Self begins to entrain with the resonance of that new body. Between your own harmonic field and that of the other person, there arises a new combination, called an interval in music. That is when you begin to sense the attraction or repulsion signals subtly coming from within.

In music, there are 12 intervals, like the 12 birth months of the year. Each interval combination hold a certain degree of energy––from consonant to dissonant. By knowing how these individual intervals resonate, and to what degree of consonance or dissonance they contain, you can gain great insight into why you feel the attraction or repulsion in your interpersonal relationships. You want and need them all, both easy and challenging, to create your journey through life. However, having the tools and knowledge to understand the vibrational dynamics at play, gives you an upper hand in manifesting the highest degree of harmony in your life.

Next time, follow your intuition. It’s a message from your heart. When you meet someone who sparks that feeling of challenge, go with it, but remember to be conscious of dissonance. Constantly be aware of the interval relationship you are entering. Some are consonant, some dissonant. They all go the make the Symphony of Life!

Which Interval Relationships Have The Hottest Love Affairs?

Can you guess which two months together create the most smoking hot love affairs?

That’s fairly easy, if you know how the energy works between the various possibilities.

First, there are different types of love affairs. There are those who sizzle on the physical plane, and those who crave long-term traditional and stable relationships.

And then there are those who fall everywhere in between.

Which do you prefer?

When you view the intervals on the piano, they range from the unison to the flat 5 and back to the octave––an inversion of the unison. We need only be concerned with the intervals from the unison to the flat 5, as the remaining ones are an inversion of the first 7.

  • A love affair found between two people in the unison relationship (2 of the same birth-months) will be hot at first but will mellow to an almost brotherly/ sisterly love. Though never plutonic, it may very easily result in an intense friendship rather than a series of one-night stands.
  • But, when found between the flat 2nd interval partners (those born in consecutive months, as in September and November) watch out, it’s going to be hot. Like two magnets pulling apart, the tension and release is strong, leading to great “hook-ups” and clandestine rendezvous of the most serious nature. Though fiery and strong, this love affair may but be a candle burning at both ends. Those found in this interval must take caution when planning a long-term relationship where a family is desired. The heat in the bedroom could cause a fire in the house. There may be found screaming and experimenting in this relationship.
  • With 2nds (born two months apart, as in March and May) there still is plenty of raw heat––enough to keep the spark eternally lit but tamed down from the previous interval. These lovers may find themselves apart most of the time, but their passions rise when they do connect. Still sizzling, but not too hot to handle. 2nds, also, are freer to experiment than the following intervals.
  • The couples finding themselves in the flat 3rd (2 birth-months separated by 2 months, as in January and April), and the 3rd (separated by 3 months, as in May and September) are deeply in love. Sexually, they are more reserved than the previous 2 intervals. The affairs they have are usually initially hot, but cool for the long-term. They make great and devoted parents for their eventual families.  What happens behind closed doors may become routine and eventually boring if they don’t mix it up often.
  • The intervals of the 4th and 5th are stable and strong in nature. Though sex is often on their minds, they are not overly obsessed with the thought of it. Their hot flings are more toward the beginning of the relationship as they adjust to each other and feel great just being near one another.
  • Finally, we come to the flat 5th. In the 12 century this interval was termed The Devil’s Interval. This relationship is made from two people who are 5 months apart, for example, June and December.  This is the interval of domination. Hot passion, animal heat and role-playing. S&M and bondage may be enticing. Usually, for a yet unknown reason, the woman is in charge. If you could peek into the hotel room you may see spiked heels and leather. Hot stuff!  This interval, along with the flat 2nd and 2nd, may have difficulty creating close family connections as they are swirling around between two vastly opposing polarities. In music, they are the intervals labeled dissonant.

All these interval relationships, some hot, some cool, reflect our natural tendencies toward expressing our various longings, both physical and emotional. They are all good and are part of the great symphony of life.

What’s your choice?

Baggage in Relationships

This is an article I found that is of utmost importance for your relationships!

Are You in a Conscious Relationship?

One of the beautiful things about the conscious relationship movement is that couples stay together and work things through when the shadow arises between them.

Where before many people gave up on relationships that became difficult, we now understand that we all have unresolved issues and patterns that are brought to light in powerful love connections.

Like a flashlight to the dark crevices of our consciousness, that which is not yet healed reveals itself to be resolved.

To walk away from those connections is to delay our own expansion.
At the same time, some of us make the mistake of thinking that we must attempt to work through every relationship that excavates the shadow.

This is particularly true for those with co-dependent tendencies because they are constantly looking for reasons to remain fused, even if they are beyond the point of resolving their differences.
Conscious relationship does not mean that every relationship is worthy of our conscious attention.

Some are exactly what the soul doctor ordered, and others are deeply unhealthy.

The art form of relatedness is distinguishing between the two. ॐ ♥

~Jeff Brown


We are the music!

Have you ever thought of yourself as a string on a guitar?

When viewed as vibrational beings, we are in essence the same as the string of the guitar. Each one of us has a unique vibratory patterns. By ourselves, we create a pitch or frequency that contains the essence of who we are. But, when combined with another, in a relationship and like the notes played on the guitar, we begin to establish the possibility of harmony.

In music, it takes at least two notes to produce harmony. That, we call an interval. Each interval is based off one of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale and expresses one of twelve spiritual and emotional possibilities. These various intervals reflect all the emotional and spiritual needs of man.

Watch the amazing video above, by Kyle Jones. Kyle placed an iPhone inside his guitar and captured what the strings looked like from the inside of the guitar when they were played. See how each string has its own unique pattern. It’s amazing that the order of the universe is so precise. From vibratory energy to our relationships––it’s all the same! Our twelve birth-months combined with the twelve notes of the scale produce Harmonology!

Harmonology can help you to understand and apply the tools for bringing that energy to its most harmonious level. Now, you can have the relationships you desire and deserve!