Are You On The Road To Nowhere?

When it comes to your relationships, are you on a road to nowhere?

When you ask yourself, “Is that where I want to be going,” do you answer “No!”

If it’s not a choice you are consciously making, is there anything you can do about it? Here, the answer is a definitive “Yes!”

By knowing what you need and want from your partner and knowing the secret of Harmonology, you can and will make a choice to move into the relationship you have always dreamed of. Don’t you deserve at least that in life?

The first step is to ask yourself some very serious and investigative questions:

What do I need for my happiness?

What should I expect from my partner?

Do I need more independence than a close connection in my relationships?

Do I want to be seen as an equal with my lover?

Or, do I need to feel in control at most times?

Be honest with yourself. You are the only one who will know the answers. Then, when you have a clear view of what it is that will bring you joy, go to Harmonology. There, you will find all the 12 interval relationships that are possible. One is just right for you. Use the guide to help you discover the perfect match-up, the perfect birth-month to create the love of your dreams.

Don’t stay on that road to nowhere when, instead, you could be traveling in a limo down the golden highway of life!

The Spiritual Art of Inverting

In the book Harmonology, I talk about inverting. Normally, that term refers to musical intervals, but it also has a deeper, more spiritual and sacred understanding.

In music, when two notes are combined, we encounter an interval. For example, the notes C and E form a major 3rd. When played on the piano or guitar, you hear a combined sound that brings a sense of joy and happiness. By taking the lower note C and moving it up an octave to C2, you experience the inverted interval, or a minor 6th ––the same notes but with a much larger space in between them.

Inversion allows for a greater playing field when applied to the process of healthy relationships. You can read much more about that in the book Harmonology.

In the esoteric sense, inversion is closely aligned with the concept held dear in the esoteric and spiritual Order of the Knights Templar, namely the “Slaying of the Dragon.” Here, the “Dragon” refers to the ego, or in other ways, the left hemisphere dominant human brain. Generally, it describes the misuse, or over use of the brain to the exclusion of the heart.   In spiritual terms, within our heart space resides the Eternal Flame. In the Western Esoteric Tradition the heart space is often referred to as the Shekinah. In the Rosicrucian Lodge Room, where the Mystery Tradition Ritual is conducted, the “Master” sits in the north, while the Shekinah is in the center accompanied by a single lit candle. On either side, respectively, there are two stations that represent the polarity of manifestation, the Joachim and Boaz of the Temple of Solomon, found in the Kabbalah.

The “Masters Station” in the north is representative of the brain, the master of the body (in this case represented by the lodge room). The Shekinah in the center of the room, or heart space, is where you would find the heart when viewing the ritual as a representation of the body.

During the ritual, the Master always walks down, or south, to the Shekinah which, with its constant flame, is ever present, silent and eternal. That movement represents the direction of energy necessary to “return” to the heart and give up the reliance solely upon the brain for the perception and domination of the world.

“Slaying the Dragon” is the process of taking control from the “Master,” the left brain dominant consciousness, and returning to the source, the flame of Sacred Eternity that lies at the center core of us all.

That is the Sacred Art of Inverting. When we practice this internal ritual, we nurture and develop a pathway to that essence that is waiting unwaveringly for our return. That is true conscious awareness. From that viewpoint everything we perceive––our relationships, desires, successes and experiences, are transformed to their highest possible vibratory level. As above, so below.  The mystery of music becomes the enigma of consciousness. Everything is one. Everything is energy.

That Old Flat 5th Again!

I keep being brought back around to the flat 5th interval when talking to people about Harmonology. Even though, according to the study I made at the onset of writing the book, that particular interval is one of the least chosen of all the interval relationships.

It is, however, one of the most interesting!

First, it is totally unique from all the other intervals. It sits at the direct center of the 12 intervals, cutting them into two halves––one that ascends from dissonance to consonance, and those that descend from consonance back to dissonance. As I mentioned in the book, it divides the 12 intervals in the same manner that the moon is divided––into totally light on one side and totally dark on the other.

During the 12th century the church made it forbidden to use that interval in a composition, calling it the “Devil’s Interval.” Grave consequences could be had for trespassing against that edict.

Going back to my quandary as to why people keep bring up their flat 5th connections more so than the other interval relationships, I can only think that the ease of the other intervals is not as mysterious and challenging as is the tension found in the flat 5th. Certainly, I can see that if you were in a flat 3rd or 3rd interval relationship, the grace and comfort that is inherent with those intervals most likely would not lead one to attempt to figure our why there is so much challenge, since, with them, there probably isn’t much to begin with.

Just this week I met an old friend who made it a point to gain my attention and answer her questions about her contentious partnership. She told me she was born in March. Her boyfriend was born in September. That pairing forms the flat 5th. She asked what that meant. I explained to her that one person, for some unexplained reason it is most often the woman, needs to be the dominant and assertive partner while the other remains constantly submissive.  Further more, when both people try to be equal in strength, there will result in conflict and tension., often with painful results.

My explanation resonated strongly with her. She confessed that she did not want to be the strong, dominate one, but if she wasn’t everything fell apart. I told her that, in that particular interval relationship, there was no choice––she had to assume the stronger role for the interval to be healthy. In her heart, she knew I was correct and that she needed to do what she did not want to do.

I saw her a few days later and she sadly told me that the relationship had dissolved. Knowing her well, and also knowing that she was involved in the banking business  (right brain dominance) but absolutely lit up when around musicians and artists (left brain dominance), I suggested that she search out someone that forms a flat 3rd, 3rd, or even a 4th or 5th interval so that she could experience more fun, caring and romance this next time around. For her, that meant looking for someone born in June, July, August or October. She offered a great example as to how Harmonology can be of great help towards bringing about a richer and more fulfilled life for us all.

Keeping baggage in check!

Thanks to my son-in-law Daniel, for sharing this post on Facebook.  It sums up what it means to hold one’s baggage in check, a necessary part of maintaining great relationships. The author is Brian Crump.

“Everyone is in a different place with their emotions, experience, awareness and level of presence. People make assumptions based on limited information. We must all be careful,not to let emotions cloud our judgement. From time to time, people may share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and perspectives. This does not mean they are truths or accurate.

If someone comes at you with negative or hurtful words and intent, remember to stay grounded and do not accept the gift. If you are being attacked, try to avoid the assault, protect yourself when you must but be wary where unbridled emotion can take you, less one may become lost on the path.”