I am constantly being asked, “Why would someone choose to be in a dissonant relationship, one that by nature is comprised of contrary vibrations, when a smooth, easy going and loving one could be had? Wouldn’t everyone want the most loving and close relationship available?”


My answer is a qualified “No!” We all don’t need and, at times, don’t want a loving relationship. What we DO need is an interaction that compliments our soul path this time through our incarnation. I feel that if you were to seriously ask yourself why you are with your partner your answer would be something like, “I love him (her) but I don’t want to be consumed by him.” Or, “I need my space and my partner allows that, plus they support me in my life goals.”


Sometimes, by entering introspection, you discover that you are in a relationship that is not to your best interest. And here is an important concept. “Your best interest!” Initially, that sounds selfish. But, if you look closely, when you attend to your “best interest” you create an environment that is best for everyone else as well. By that, I mean when you are fulfilled and supported you are in a position to bring positive and healthful energy to everyone else. Vis-a-versa, when you are feeling defeated you radiate more negative energy and further complicate the flow of others around you.


Your best interest however, does not mean just perfect harmony. It may mean being with someone who you don’t need to see every moment––someone who lives an independent life from you. In the case of the flat 5th interval relationship, you may feel the urge to be dominant or submissive––active or passive. Or, as in the unison relationship, being together is what it’s all about.


Look carefully at your personal interactions and give blessings for the richness and diversity they bring to your life. Combined together, they are the spices that make your life as flavorful as it is. Avoid seeing them as positive or negative, but as presenting the necessary challenges you need to fulfill your soul’s urge for growth.


Peace and blessings,