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I Sing The Body Electric


Since the beginning of human life as we know it, man has used music to communicate with the spirit world. At first, through drumming, then voice and finally with crudely built instruments, he has mimicked the sounds of nature and opened portals to the hidden world of the Soul.



In ancient China, the provincial leaders and emperors sent out “listeners” to the various hamlets and villages to hear what was being musically expressed. By doing so, the emperor could make determinations as to the psychological and spiritual health of his subjects.


Over time, like all the Sacred Sciences, music was slowly dethroned from it’s lofty position of being a direct channel to the Devine, and eventually relegated to the role of solely entertaining the dulled-down and enslaved masses.


Before the rise of the corporate world––where now everything, especially music, is viewed for its profit potential only––the church held the position of “keeper of the musical Spiritual Flame.” Up until the end of the Renaissance era, the church promoted and encouraged compositions that lifted the populace to higher and higher visionary plateaus, though not necessarily leading anyone to profound mystical experiences. The masses of Mozart, Josquin des Prez, Palestrina and others created compositional platforms wherein one might get a microscopic glimpse of the Light.


What is that force, still to this day, that drives one to music, to the power of sound––that mysterious and haunting maiden of seduction. Is the body somehow hard-wired to a matrix or grid of energy that sound manipulates? Could music hold the key that unlocks the access door to the soul? Whatever it is, it holds the power to move mountains.


Often, when I hear the opening bars of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, my heart breaks. And, when I hear the prelude to Tristan and Isolde, by Wagner, as in the movie Melancholia, directed by Lars Von Trier, my skin crawls with mysterious forlorn longing. Even hearing Miles play Blue in Green, by Bill Evans, repeatedly knocks me to the ground in passionate revelry. I become instantenously transcended to another world, a mysterious place of the hidden, the unknown. What is it that teleports my inner consciousness to the realms of timeless mystery?


In the midst of Qigong this morning I finally receive the answer I was yearning for. In the stillness of that very private world that one finds themselves in during meditations such as this, a chord was struck in the soft and soothing musical landscape accompanying the movements. It was a different chord, one filled with beauty and dissonance. I suddenly sensed an unusual opening in my heart that led directly to, what in the Western Esoteric Tradition was called, “The Holy of Holies,” that inner sanctum at the center of our being where our True Self resides.


My epiphany blossomed like a Night Blooming Cereus, fast and intentional, filled with a heady fragrance. SOUND IS VIBRATION AND WE ARE VIBRATION. When the proper combination of tones is combined, they magically align our energy matrix for a split second, opening a portal that offers direct communication to the Devine. That is what the Shaman, from prehistoric times to the present, has known. That is what Mother Ayahuasca exposes. AND That is one of the deep secretes that have been hidden from our view by the patriarchal powers that have controlled the masses for centuries. Music holds the power of transformation. Music aligns our vibrational energies into the patterns of perfection that brings about true health, deep happiness and the connection to Spirit that we all crave.


When you listen to music, choose wisely. Invite into your life the sacred vibrations of timeless creation. Let it Sing the Body Electric!



Harmonology and Astrology


I have been asked many times how Harmonology compares to astrology. That question definitely begs to be asked. I am not, however, that deeply acquainted with astrology, so I went to the internet to do a bit of study. What I discovered was quite reassuring and educational.

I did my investigation at, where I was able to chart out the astrological signs against the 12 note chromatic piano keyboard. The problem I encountered is that with Harmonology, birth months––e.g. June, July etc.––fall directly over a single piano note. An example would be January on the note C or June on the note F. Whereas, in astrology any particular sign most often falls over 2 consecutive months, as in Gemini––May 21- June 20. I could find no logical way with which to place 2 different months over 1 note. For Harmonology to be accurate, each individual month must correlate to an individual note.

I choose to cheat a bit and combine astrology and Harmonology into a similar paradigm. I moved the astrological signs forward to fit the months. I know I’ll get a bit of flack from the astrological community and so I ask their indulgence and forgiveness.

Harmonology is based off vibratory compatibility. 2 notes should be mathematically compatible in order to maintain the highest degree of consonant harmony. With that in mind, Harmonology chooses the intervals of the unison, flat 3rd, 3rd, 4th and 5th to be the most agreeable of combinations. These are the intervals that express unity, love independence and strength.

Let’s take the month January, on the musical note C. The previous paragraph gave us a small list of the strongest possible intervals for relationships. For January-C, they would be C, Eb, E, F and G. Any rock & roller would know that the basis of many of rock’s iconic tunes were composed from these combinations of chords.

As we look a bit closer to these special notes, we will isolate the flat 3rd and 3rd for a clearer view. You can read in Harmonology that these 2 intervals are the only ones that express romantic love. When you hear them played, it’s almost impossible to ignore the sentimental value they project. That feeling is not found with any other interval. You will agree that the characteristics found in these 2 intervals are essential for being in a close, loving relationship.

In astrology (and here is where it gets interesting and according to my web investigation) for the sign of Gemini, (month of June and the note F) being with someone who was  Libra or Aquarius was the most harmonious. AND, both Libra and Aquarius are in the musical relationship of a 3rd from Gemini.

Both Harmonology and astrology are in total agreement. Every sign exhibits this same connection, namely, an interval of a 3rd (or flat 3rd) is best for a harmonious relationship. Here is a list of each month and the 3rd/ flat 3rd interval:

  • January––April/ May & September/October                                                    February––May/ June & October/ November                                                             March––June/July & November/December                                                                  April––July/ August & December/January                                                                       May––August/September & January/ February                                                           June––September/October & February/March                                                              July––October/November & March/April                                                                   August––November/December & April/May                                                       September––December/January & May/June                                                           October––January/February and June/July                                                             November––February/March and July/August                                                       December––March/April and August/September

I will continue to investigate how Harmonology and astrology are interconnected and write more in the near future. In the mean time, remember: “The piano ain’t got no wrong notes!” (Thelonius Monk)


Contrapunto de la Realidad by Stephen John O’Connor

Mi viaje personal explorando el camino paralelo que toma nuestro espíritu/alma, escondido detrás del caos de nuestras vidas. La Energía de la Luz nos susurra y nos empuja suavemente en las nuevas direcciones que realizan nuestro camino de vida, dándonos significado y concentración, y permitiéndonos seguir la ruta que hemos elegido antes de nuestros nacimientos. Relato historias personales sobre iniciaciones en órdenes esotéricas, el encuentro con mi guardián, la exploración de vidas pasadas y su influencia y dones, Ayahuasca y la iglesia del Santo Daime de Brasil, y mucho más.

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