I offer you a beautiful meditation



When I attended the Ayahuasca sessions in Mexico with the Church of Santo Daime, they talked about the “Second Coming of the Christ,” (see Counterpoint to Reality a phrase often heard in fundamentalist circles. Not being an adherent to any organized religion nor a reader of the Bible, I tend to shun from terms and ideas such as that. But, the Santo Daime viewed the “Second Coming” as a process wherein one discovers, and then pursues the inner path to the heart––the seat of Universal Supreme Intelligence: a process that aligns the brain to the spirit. To me, that phrase finally made sense.


There has been a lot of talk in the medical research field that suggests that the heart functions similar to the brain, acting as a second source of intelligence. I think that research is a bit late in that the ancient Chinese and Indian philosophers were on to the idea many centuries ago.


The important concept here is that you can, and do have a choice as to how you respond to your universe. You can continue to only use your rational brain, located in your cranium (I think you’ll agree that that way of thinking has caused you enough trouble in life), or you can make the shift to the heart center, wherein lies the source of your intuitions, insights as well as your true intellect. Deep compassion for your fellow human, along with unending love flow from this center.


When one meets chaos and confrontation in life: something no one is exempt from, the choice always presents itself: think from the brain, or move to the heart. When you can move to the heart and stay there permanently you have achieved your “Second Coming of Christ.” You have gained “Christ Consciousness”.


If ever there were a purpose to your existence, that move, on a permanent level, would be it. You then will have beaten the revolving wheel of life and have achieved the ultimate goal––the merging of self with Self. The Esoteric Tradition refers to that as the “Slaying of the Dragon.”


I offer you a beautiful meditation––or thought to ponder. Please feel free to substitute the word God, Jesus and Christ with whatever other names you are comfortable with and that resonate with your beliefs.


“Just as Jesus prepared Himself to enter Jerusalem for the last time,

I reflect on those times when I arrived at a critical place in my life path.

There is always a choice – and, like the Wayshower, I focus upon that seed deep within me, speaking to every cell of my being, assuring that I can move beyond this great challenge, and rise to victory.

Even when I sit on that donkey, those emotions that want to tell me,

“I can’t…It’s impossible…It’s too tough,” I know that in the midst of the crowd is my Victor, The Christ that lives within me.

Thank You, God, for Your gift of Life and for Your precious example in the life of Jesus Christ.