Manifesting with Qi Gong

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Manifesting with Qi Gong

There are many, many techniques used for reality manifesting, and they all work – only not all of them work for everyone, so if you still haven’t made your desires come true, don’t give up of the entire concept, it’s just that you haven’t find the way that works for you.

Today we will present Qi Gong as a technique that you can integrate in your manifesting rituals.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Traditionally it is viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), or the “intrinsic life energy”. Some consider it an exercise, others a type of alternative medicine or meditative practice. Stephen O’Connor, a Qi Gong practitioner explains it like this:

Within this system we perceive our reality as being based on an energy matrix, an almost invisible grid of positive and negative Qi which acts to create this holographic theatre we call reality. By manipulating this energy we can greatly align our bodies – physical, emotional and subtle – with the perfect patterning of the Mind that created it, thus bring us back into optimum health and ideal functioning.

O’Connor has also developed a manifestation technique based on Qi Gong, which allows us to gain access to “the essential creative forces upon which everything depends”.

The Technique:

O’Connor outlines the precise technique that he uses:

  • Stand, spine straight. Tuck in your pelvis, then touch your upper palate with the tip of your tongue.
  • Bring your palms in front of your body, facing up but slightly away from the body. Keep your elbows away from the body.
  • Thank your Higher Self for being so forgiving and patient with your everyday slips in consciousness.
  • While in this stance begin to clearly visualize what you would like to manifest in your life.
  • Now, leave your left hand facing up and in front of the area just below the navel (where the vital center of your Qi is), and bring your right hand up just above the heart area, palm facing down toward the left palm. See yourself holding an imaginary ball in front of your body.
  • Imagine the sun between your palms. Feel the creative force of the universe tingling between your palms.
  • Begin to rotate the ball out and away from the body and to the right while rotating the bottom of the ball to the left and out with your lower hand. You should feel that you are massaging the sun and condensing the energy into a more compact and powerful field. That is your Qi ball. Rotate it 26 times while keeping the vision of the sun and its creative energies.
  • Slowly raise the lower hand up the body while lowering the upper hand down and in front, reversing the palms so that you are again holding the Qi ball. This time see the moon between your palms. The moon represents the receptive, mothering creative forces.
  • Rotate the Qi ball again, this time starting with the left hand moving out and to the left with the right hand moving to the right. Again rotate 26 times and stop.
  • Now, bring both palms to face each other in front of the navel area. While holding the Qi ball visualize both the sun and the moon between your hands. Begin to rotate the ball, palms always facing each other, 26 times. See the masculine energy being combined and condensed with the feminine energy.
  • Return to step 3 and repeat the routine two more times. Keep in mind your manifestation goal.
  • After the third time slowly draw your hands out to the sides in front to the body, parallel to the ground, palms facing each other. Slowly bring your hands back to within 6 inches of each other, feeling the Qi being condensed as though squeezing a plastic ball. Do this 2 more times. This way you are gathering all the energy from as far as you can imagine and bringing it into the center of your being.
  • Bring your hands up to under the chin, wrists touching, palms apart and to the sides of the face, and feel the Qi buzzing around your third eye area.
  • Lower your hands and know that your manifestation has been projected into the Qi ball you created. Now expect it to manifest as a tangible part of your reality.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this technique. It has worked amazingly well for us. Give it a try and let us know what you experienced.

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Wow, we had a great group of people over for our weekly Harmonology meeting. Everyone brought really interesting perspectives gained from applying the Harmonology intervals to their relationships.

One of the questions we threw around was “how does Harmonology apply in other cultures?” Good question. The truth: I don’t know! For instance, if a woman, born and raised in, say, San Francisco, marries a man from Pakistan or Ethiopia, do they inter relate the same as if she had married a man from the US?

  • How does cultural restriction come into play even when both parties are living positively and healthfully?
  • Can cultural restriction be viewed as baggage?
  • Is a musical interval even the same given that the music structures from other societies vary greatly from ours?


Then, there is the issue of male dominance in culture. I live in Mexico where we hosted this particular class. Traditionally, Mexico, as most of Latin America, is a machismo (male dominated) culture, though that’s changing rapidly.

Currently, I am in Guatemala studying Spanish. My teacher, a very young lady, mentioned that in the Guatemalan home, domestic violence often occurs. Now, knowing what we do about tough relationships, what happens in those households when the parents form a difficult b5 music interval to begin with? Remember, the b5 was called the “Devil’s Interval” in the 12 Century.

As I pointed out in my book, it’s usually the woman in that relationship who has total control over her partner. We can only guess what may happen when a woman exerts her powers in a macho household. Can the man socially, out in the open, accept his wife being dominant? How would that play out in the rest of the local Latino society where a man is not even supposed to do the dishes or clean the home!

Great questions, great thoughts. Perhaps you, or someone you know, are in a multi-cultural relationship. Do you have any answers? Do you have any opinions? I would love to hear from you. For me, it’s fun and rewarding to dig in to who we are. I hope you feel the same. We can all benefit from having a better understanding of who we are and how we all fit together.






We all want to know more about ourselves. We love reading our horoscopes, seeing our astrological charts or checking out our numerology. Most of the time, the descriptions we read are pretty accurate, often verging on the edge of psychic. We also love to read about the ones we love, or are near to, as well. By doing so, we can often gain great insights and information that helps us to understand not only ourselves but also those around us. We often ask ourselves:

What am I meant to be doing?

Will I be famous?

Will I marry the right person?

Am I a good match with my partner?

In the long run, we are all looking for help in making decisions that might improve our lives, softening a few of the bumps on the road to life. There are literally thousands of books published every year that promise self-help, many of them quite useful. You may even have some in your library.

Some amazing systems, such as astrology, are based on the movements of the planetary bodies. Others, the I Ching for example, are formed around the 64 hexagrams of opposing yin and yang. Yet others, Harmonology in particular, are based off the fundamental laws found in mathematics and music.

What’s important to remember is that Harmonology, unlike the other forms of divination, has its principles based off tried and true mathematical laws––the laws of vibrations. That alone gives you a platform on which to base your trust so that the knowledge you’ll gain will be solid and useful.

When you read Harmonology, you’ll intuitively understand why your favorite music makes you feel the way it does. And that’s because the notes, when combined   into familiar songs, vibrate in accordance with the vibrations of your body and heart. You know that it feels good when you hear those tunes.

Just as those notes make you feel good, being in close vibration with another person likewise often makes you feel good. You start to create an inaudible song together. You both get into the groove of love, a beautiful groove that fills the world with light.

Sometimes however, the song you create with another goes a bit sour. I’m sure you know pieces of music or songs that sound “off” to your ear. Even then, there are ways to re-harmonize the “notes” and get everything back on track, or at least discover that those two notes may never work well together and move on.

Check out Harmonology, and then join with your friends to talk about it and have fun learning how you all vibrationally fit together. You will have hours of great conversation and maybe even learn something new that you didn’t know about your good friends.

Make life positive, fun and exciting. You never know what may happen!

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Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance


Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance


In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqatsi means “unbalanced life.” In 1982, the word Koyaanisqatsi was used as the title of an interesting American experimental film directed by Godfrey Reggio, with music composed by Phillip Glass and cinematography by Ron Fricke. It depicted the different aspects of the relationship between humans, nature, and technology, and implied the unsettling disconnect that resulted from the ensuing chaos.

 Life Out of Balance. What does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

Throughout history, and in many spiritual traditions, balance has played an important role in forming our current view of life. The Taoists depicted balance with the Taijitu, the Yin Yang symbol. Judaism had the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple––the basis of Kabbalism. Even in modern science we see the measurements of heat, tone, sound, vibrations and other continuum as composed of opposing forces.

As humans, we require balance for our everyday survival. Physically, we thrive best somewhere between the searing heat of the Sahara and the frigid cold of the Antarctica. Our comfort zone is found at an altitude midway between the tip of Mt. Everest and the depths of the ocean. In general, we crave and require the midway point between extremes––the balance point.

These extremes can also be viewed as opposites: male/female, up/down, hot/cold, like/dislike, war/peace and hate/love. These are just a few of the possibilities we encounter everyday. In general, an aggressive tendency is considered yang while the passive is called yin. Both are essential for balance to occur. I see the shadow of yin/yang in music as Yin being melody and Yang as rhythm.

In our world today, we are experiencing an imbalance of yin/yang energy. Our world is in chaos due to the over abundance of yang energy––––the male, aggressive, destructive force. Yang energy is as necessary as yin, but when out of control the results cause difficulty and despair. You may notice the imbalance in many other forms. Music, for example, is almost totally yang today, Whereas, in the past, say the 50’s through the 80’s, the melodic yin influence was stronger.

Today, yang energy is everywhere we look. Daily, we read news reports of shootings, murder, rape, molestations, cartels, cheating, lying and greed. We see it perpetrated by officials in government, by the church, the police, by gangs, white supremacists, terrorists, even by Democrats and Republicans––”unbalanced life.” Nature, as well, is reflecting Koyaanisqatsi: earthquakes, drought, fires, and super tornados.

For balance to return to the Earth and your life, there needs to be a nurturing of yin energy––the feminine principle. Yin energy is love, acceptance, joy, peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence.

The same desire and need for balance we see in the external world reflects deep within us as well. Our bodies, being composed of vibrations, strive for balance to maintain not only our physical health, but also our happiness and our sense of the spiritual.

Yang foods, such as farm raised fish, hormone injected beef and poultry, modified corn, wheat, sugar and soy, along with processed meals both from stores and fast food outlets, cause imbalance that sets the stage for illnesses like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and more. Obesity will soon be the global norm. Obesity itself represents a yang form of body type: a form of aggressive posturing that reflects our fears and possibly our need for psychic body-armor. Negative thought and action are also forms of yang energy. They are just as destructive to our health as bullets and bombs.

Yet, balance is as easy to obtain as one would wish. It’s no different from imbalance. Balance is yin, Imbalance is yang––it’s like “on” and “off,” and it’s a matter of choice! Constantly choose to use love, acceptance, joy, peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence: choose to add yin energy to your world.

Furthermore, by practicing breathing techniques, performing daily exercise, doing yoga or Qigong, running and meditating, you are developing yin energy. Changing your diet: to less alcohol, less tobacco, less red meat and more fruits and veggies, you are developing yin energy.

When you gain balance you’ll be less affected by the global chaos, for when you are in balance, the world is one step more toward balance––you are the world, we are the world. It can be no other way. Help make Koyaanisqatsi only a movie title, not a way of life! Find your balance and keep it!