We all want to know more about ourselves. We love reading our horoscopes, seeing our astrological charts or checking out our numerology. Most of the time, the descriptions we read are pretty accurate, often verging on the edge of psychic. We also love to read about the ones we love, or are near to, as well. By doing so, we can often gain great insights and information that helps us to understand not only ourselves but also those around us. We often ask ourselves:

What am I meant to be doing?

Will I be famous?

Will I marry the right person?

Am I a good match with my partner?

In the long run, we are all looking for help in making decisions that might improve our lives, softening a few of the bumps on the road to life. There are literally thousands of books published every year that promise self-help, many of them quite useful. You may even have some in your library.

Some amazing systems, such as astrology, are based on the movements of the planetary bodies. Others, the I Ching for example, are formed around the 64 hexagrams of opposing yin and yang. Yet others, Harmonology in particular, are based off the fundamental laws found in mathematics and music.

What’s important to remember is that Harmonology, unlike the other forms of divination, has its principles based off tried and true mathematical laws––the laws of vibrations. That alone gives you a platform on which to base your trust so that the knowledge you’ll gain will be solid and useful.

When you read Harmonology, you’ll intuitively understand why your favorite music makes you feel the way it does. And that’s because the notes, when combined   into familiar songs, vibrate in accordance with the vibrations of your body and heart. You know that it feels good when you hear those tunes.

Just as those notes make you feel good, being in close vibration with another person likewise often makes you feel good. You start to create an inaudible song together. You both get into the groove of love, a beautiful groove that fills the world with light.

Sometimes however, the song you create with another goes a bit sour. I’m sure you know pieces of music or songs that sound “off” to your ear. Even then, there are ways to re-harmonize the “notes” and get everything back on track, or at least discover that those two notes may never work well together and move on.

Check out Harmonology, and then join with your friends to talk about it and have fun learning how you all vibrationally fit together. You will have hours of great conversation and maybe even learn something new that you didn’t know about your good friends.

Make life positive, fun and exciting. You never know what may happen!





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