There are many possible combinations of relationships––some good, some not so good. Have you ever felt challenged in any of yours? If you’re like me, you are looking for the best you can find. You’re, more than not, looking for love, companionship, friendship, trust and probably great sex as well. And, we ALL deserve that and much more. After all, what is life without fulfillment? Without completeness? Without joy and harmony?

As I write this blog, let me start by thanking all the new Harmonology members who recently have joined this group. For me that’s very exciting. WELCOME!
Very soon, I hope to have for you an interactive page at http://www.harmonologybook.com where you can enter your birth month and the month of your partner and get an immediate music interval assessment, including a brief description of your relationship from the eyes of Harmonology. Further, there will soon be a link you can click on that will offer an in-depth analysis of your relationship, including not only your harmonious aspects but your challenges as well, along with suggestions and ideas for vastly improving your wonderful friendship. That’s Harmonology at work for you––effortlessly and simple.

Now, I find the graphic illustration above quite humorous, but it’s not necessarily how it always ends up. You can do a lot more to ensure that YOUR relationship goes better than that! That’s where the tools of Harmonology come in. In a short amount to time you will be using these concepts to vastly alter your interactions and bring more understanding and tolerance even to your most challenging confrontations. Lorraine and I find that we use these tools on a daily basis to give us a greater and deeper understanding and clarity even before we develop a closer relationship with new friends. You’ll be doing that too!

I love music. It’s been a driving force in my life since day one. I hold the power of music to be sacred. For me, it is the vibrational force of all that is! That’s you and me! Harness this great power and apply it for good––your good. Read Harmonology, put it through the test and then blossom and grow like the beautiful flower you really are!

Remember, as part of the Harmonology community, you can reach out to me with any questions or issues, at any time, and I will do my best to answer them using the principles of Harmonology. Just send me a contact email from the web page and I WILL return your inquiry.