Chapter 1 The Alacránicles ––Living in Mexico

Alacran 1-001

Today, I am posting a blog on my new book, “The Alacránicles.” It’s about life in Mexico! Sometimes leisurely, sometimes not. I think you’ll enjoy reading it.




A story of quiet lies and hidden deception, of hooded men with dark guns, of overt and often shocking extortion, and of swift death and body wrenching torture at the hands of madmen, as told by a participant and interested observer. A story that takes place in a deceptive and dark paradise––a Shangri-La engulfed by beautiful unmarred white and pristine sands and lined with gracefully swaying long-necked coconut palms that at times seem almost a cliché. All set to the accompaniment of whispering and lovingly warm sweet smelling ocean breezes that, over time, eventually give way to the violent and drenching, yet life-sustaining summer rains; the vital rains that support and bring forth the verdant and ubiquitous dark muted green of the mango, the full soft leafed and generous banana and the tall, sky teasing papaya trees.
The Alacránicles is based on real-life events: ones that are filled with giddy laughter, heartfelt joy, and unquestionable beauty. But also events that take place deep in the gritty and dark underbelly of corruption, threats and fear, a system that was given birth over 400 years ago. It stemmed from a hellish marriage of poverty and suppression brought on by the arrival in Mexico of Cortez and his wealthy, arrogant Spanish minions, who nurtured corruption and then perfected it into a way of life that today is endemic in this fabulous and fertile country.
Over those tumultuous years a system of top-down economic oppression was breastfed and then brought up to become the bastard child of the elite, as well as on down the food chain, and of almost every social transaction in the general public that involved money. The “hand under the table” was the hidden norm for conducting deals, negotiating agreements and for trying to get anything and everything accomplished.
That “hand under the table” didn’t come without a price, however. Without the “proper” documentation, signed and stamped in multiple places and on multiple pages, that proved you “did it the right way,” you could become subject to extortion, threats, and outright theft. You could become the victim of a long-honed system that consisted of, for the rich, “squeezing” those below you, and for the poor, “squeezing” each other. For over 400 years that was the system in play, and that’s how it worked. That was the painful sting of the scorpion.

Ciara and Conor
It was a coincidence or was it?––a triangulation of sorts. A call went out from a friend––maybe an accident or perhaps synchronicity. His call may have come at an inappropriate time, but it came, like a car driven through a dense fog. How many people would have responded positively to this call? Probably somewhere between “nada mucho” to “almost none.” It was a long shot. But for some reason, both Ciara and Conor picked up almost at the same time. Conor seldom used his phone; he called no one, and no one called him. In a way, having a phone was like owning a leash for a recently deceased pet. Little did they know that that call, coming like a rooster crowing the dawn of a new day, would signal the beginning of a wild and, at times, beautiful journey, the rising of a fresh, golden and warm sun.
San Miguel de Allende in spring was hot and dry. It annoyingly continued that way until the monsoon rains fell from clouds, the ones that filled the skies with darkness and the smell of electricity and the streets with rivers of water. It was the kind of weather that made men nervous and irritable. It must have been that way back in 1542 when the gentle Franciscan monk Juan de San Miguel founded the town. He had hoped to protect the silver route from Zacatecas to Guanajuato and on to Mexico City. Later, on September 15, 1810, that irritable heat must have also ate on the nerves of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who, in neighboring Dolores Hidalgo, loudly proclaimed Mexico’s independence from Spain with his now famous El Grito; “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!”
Soon after Hidalgo’s declaration was sounded, General Ignacio Allende, the namesake of San Miguel de Allende, quickly jumped into the brawl with both feet, which unfortunately led to his ultimate capture and beheading. Connor thought about the harsh costs of freedom and the injustices and brutality that were part of Mexico’s history, of world history. He was glad to be in the 21st century, though even that was no guarantee of peace and safety.
The revolutionary atmosphere in San Miguel must have been jubilant––fiestas, celebrations, music, and dancing, like a coming out party, not for a teenage girl but an entire nation. Ciara thought about the carefree winds that brought new vigor and life to that beautiful part of Mexico at that time and imagined the fervor and excitement that came, like the rapid flow of narcotics through veins, to intoxicate an entire nation.
At the same time north of the border, John Jacob Astor formed the Pacific Fur Company, and the Republic of West Florida, following in the footsteps of Mexico, also defiantly said goodbye to Spain. Both Ciara and Conor admired the way that things happened simultaneously in separate places and similar ways, as though set in motion on invisible tracks.
“Ciara” was not her real name. Her Irish Canadian family had lovingly dubbed her with that nickname near the beginning of her early youth. She was, officially and correctly, named Ciaran. She says that her name was pronounced “Kee-ra.” Some called her “Kai-ra,” but she was quick to correct them.
Ciara was from Quebec, and for many years had been dreaming of retiring in a warm, dry climate. The long cold winters of the North wore on her aging body and no longer held their white mystical magic for her. Instead, she was drawn to the sunny, dry climate and long warm days in Central Mexico. There, Ciara felt she could be free––free from the cold, free to follow her love of painting and cooking and free from the stress of the life she had once lived. At the moment she stepped off the bus from the Mexico City airport, she knew she had found a home. Ciara felt a wave pass through her body, a wave of sweet vibrations that came up from the earth and rattling her very core. She knew in her heart what it meant. And, for her, it said she had found home!
Ciara also loved to see new places, so travel she did; journeys that sent her in many directions: from Thailand to France, Japan to China, even Israel, and India. When she had time, she would study the unusual and enticing local foods, learn about spices and techniques, go to museums, and attend classes of all sorts. Everywhere Ciara went she also searched the local social directories to see who else shared her unique name. And, whenever she tried and failed, she sadly felt as though her name was a precious, yet rare and obscure object that nobody else wanted.
She was tall, with dark hair––Ciara meaning “dark-haired” or “black-haired” in Gaelic––a beautiful woman. She had a fancy and flair for art and music and was a connoisseur of excellent food. When Conor met her, he was lucky. He felt he had coaxed open a white, soft cloud and magic poured out, showering him with joy. And yet, it was that phone call––that strange, out of nowhere phone call that initiated their first date, a blind date at that, and started a six-year Mexican adventure which, like an avalanche of events tumbling out of control down a mountainside, tested and teased them, leaving dark memories, new friendships and bruised and bloody noses.
That morning, Ciara stepped out into her patio, her sanctuary, where precious flowers of all sizes and colors grew. She took a moment to thank them all for being there and then drew-in their heady hues and fragrances. The red of roses, purple lavender, the white of camellias and many other eye-catching flowers of more different subtle colors, filled the garden and blended with the soft afternoon sun, and swayed in quiet, gentle and graceful ways. Together, they took on the appearance of happiness, like the sweet and lovely toppings on an angel food cake. She had carefully planted each and every flower, and she loved them all.
Her garden was softly filled with the fragrance of Plumeria flowers and mingled with the sweet essence of the gardenias, stargazer lilies, angel trumpets and jasmine, and created a dizzying perfume that at once calmed Ciara’s mind while it enticed her artistic imagination.
There, in that garden, like more beautiful and delicate flowers, talented young opera singers honed their skills before setting out on their way to the now famous San Miguel Concurso. Ciara was a magnet, a beacon that drew them there. She was well known for being an invisible lighthouse––a ray of love––and gained a reputation for drawing in and nurturing those bright stars, especially during the lead-up to the competition. She cooked for them and housed them, gave them emotional support and love, and then helped guide them with her encouraging words towards winning top honors in the contest, which, indeed, they did. Conor delighted in the beauty of those lovely creatures. In his mind, he undressed them, caressed them and made love to them, all to the sounds of their angelic voices. Being there during that time was for Conor like being caught in the Aldous Huxley 1962 novel “Island,” his short version of utopia.
Léo Delibes’ Lakmé “The Flower Duet.”
Puccini’s Madame Butterfly “Un Bel dì Vedremo.”
Bizet’s Carmen “Habanera.”
Those intoxicating melodies filled every space of Ciara’s beautiful secret garden, sailing on the wind and landing softly on the soul, like the graceful and gentle and delicate monarchs returning to trees of Angangueo.
By the time Ciara went back into her kitchen and began cooking, Conor had arrived. John Coltrane was playing “My One and Only Love” from the CD, The Gentle Side of Coltrane. Both Ciara and Conor loved that tune and could recognize and name it within three notes; it was a favorite. Though how she became familiar with the saxophone of Coltrane, no one could understand; it seemed to fit perfectly with her and her mood. The warm afternoon sun spilled into the corners of the kitchen and dining room and created a welcoming palette for the combination of herbs and spices, lights and shadows, sounds and silence.
Conor had grown up in Southern California and had traveled for years into mysterious Mexico and the barren wastes of the Baja. Since his early youth, he had dreamed of someday becoming a part of that vast and magnificent country. There was something there that had attached itself to his soul. Maybe it was the simple, yet delicious food, perhaps the heat of the sun, or could have been the honest and direct way the people lived that drew him there. He wasn’t sure. He was sure of one thing; that his heart was hopelessly wound tight around the very core of that land.
Today was Conor’s first day after returning from a grueling and lengthy evening of Daime––Ayahuasca. He could still taste that fermented, smoky flavor lingering hotly in his mouth and on his lips. He felt emotionally and physically exhausted, yet so happy to be at Ciara’s that evening.

Banisteriopsis caapi: a dark root used as the main ingredient in Ayahuasca.

The root was traditionally combined with the vines chacruna and chagropanga, like the intertwining of three slithering poisonous snakes, to produce a mind-altering, spiritually cleansing adventure into the dark recesses of the mind. Conor knew that the Spirit of the Vine was making a resurgence at a time that it was needed the most; offering at least a small degree of hope for a better world. He, like Ciara, was concerned about the future, a future that seemed to have no connection to its past, like a lizard who had lost its tale.
During that long solemn night’s session of self-reflection and cosmic adventure––a grueling and tormenting journey––Conor came to meet his demons; tall, ugly, reptilian and repulsive. And, it was there that he also met Los Alacránes, the Scorpions, hundreds of them, spiraling in circles on the floor like Sufi dancers, Whirling Dervishes, the Mevlevi of the Dark Night of the Soul. Scorpions are everywhere in Mexico. They are said to be a part of the Shaman’s world. They are brown, black, golden, large and small. With two massive crushing pinchers, they held their prey, and then repeatedly and violently attacked it with their venomous spiked tail. Though they were not real in a physical sense that night, the vision of them created a line between reality and what exists on “the other side,” a line that was permeable and transparent. Those creatures would become a dark symbol of what lay ahead, often appearing unannounced and from seemingly nowhere, like the headless horseman riding out of a dense fog.
As much as Conor tried to relax, his thoughts held him in an inescapable grip––a fox caught in a trap. Before he walked through Ciara’s door, he fought the impulse to turn back and go home––to hide. Conor felt like a person mired in an existential quicksand of emotions as he pulled himself together and slowly entered the beautiful house. He took a deep breath and turned the knob.
“It smells wonderful in here!” Conor yelled as he opened the door and caught the first welcoming impressions on his senses. He could distinctly detect onions, garlic, wine sauce and other wonderful smells. Suddenly, he felt lighter, as the darkness from the previous night lifted from his shoulders. “Well, I hope so,” Ciara remarked without looking up, continuing her mysterious magic in the kitchen. She was so at home in her cocina. Strangely, Conor felt comfortable being there as well.
That night was his first real date with Ciara since yesterday’s phone call that brought them together––a blind date, and at their age; they were not young. Conor wasn’t sure what to expect. The sights and smells were heady and intoxicating; the soft sunlight on the warm Saltillo tiles; the delicate yellow painted walls of the entranceway; the aromas of simmering oregano and basil. His body and soul ached for what he was seeing and feeling. Living as he had, alone, left him wanting to share in those luxuries––great food, companionship and much, much more.
Soon, they found themselves finishing their meal with a beautiful glass of wine, and talking. Ciara knew her wines and paired them well with each course. She had been to the Beaujolais Valley, Côtes du Rhone, Bordeaux, and Burgundy, and knew quite well the wines of Chile and Argentina. Ciara was a delight to be with, and Conor felt blessed.
One thing led to another, and then another, and, with seductive warmth, Ciara invited Conor up to her bedroom. Their magnetic draw to each other and the months of loneliness they shared made the decision easy. Conor felt a swelling in his body and heat that was traveling up his spine. It was a dizzying feeling and one that assumed a mind of its own. They felt exhilarated and eager to be in each other’s arms, to hold each other tight. Ciara again gently grabbed Conor’s hand and led him up the stairs to the second level and the entrance of her very private retreat. They’re slippers made soft, gentle sounds as they went up the steps, taking each step slowly.
Over their heads was a vast glowing glass atrium that filtered the delicate afternoon light onto the tiles and doorways. Conor could feel the quietness of the rooms on his body. The beauty of the moment was transcendental. His eyes eagerly followed the golden terrazzo floor leading, like the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, through a maze of secret passageways. A wonderfully rich, hand-carved wooden door held back the treasures of each room. Some doors were open, some not, but for those that were he could see beyond and into the quiet darkness, to the stately poster beds, the ornate bookshelves and the artwork––beautiful artwork created by Ciara. Which room was hers; he wasn’t sure, he didn’t care.
She was a master artist. She loved working with a centuries-old technique called repujado, a style of using an aluminum alloy and wax over which one applies oil paints, creating a 3-D effect of stunning depth and softness. The compelling faces and delicate figures she created and displayed seemed to come to life, glowing in the afternoon flood of light––down the hallways, covering the walls and playfully perched on tabletops––forming a visually delightful mood that was both deliciously welcoming and seductively inviting.
They started to step together into her cool and darkened bedroom, as though irresistibly pulled by a magnet. Their eyes suddenly caught a brief outline on the floor, directly at the portal entrance. Something was there, something that was out of place, and something that sent out an inaudible threatening alarm. It was sitting in the dead center of the doorway opening, as though it was placed there with intent by an invisible hand. They both moved closer to gain a better view, trying to determine what it was they saw when it began to move.
First, it rotated a bit to the left and then began to open from a coiled position, like a spring that fell from a strange, dark toy robotic machine. Both Ciara and Conor quickly moved back, more out of surprise than fear, as the object began to show itself. Like an animated child’s superhero, the dark entity stiffly and slowly started to unfold, one leg at a time. Within a few seconds, they realized what was happening. They were meeting, for the first time, something that would come to haunt them for the next eight years, visibly and invisibly––a giant, black and deadly scorpion.
Was it the “guardian of the threshold,” sent there by Ciara’s deceased and loving husband, warning them not to proceed further––that he was watching? Was it a leftover from Conor’s nightmarish meeting with demons that night before, the swirling Alacránes? Too many thoughts, so many visions. They kept coming at him at a furious pace. His mind was in confusion and turmoil when Ciara confessed that for the years she had lived there, never, ever has there been a scorpion in the upper rooms. Downstairs, on occasion yes, one or two had been seen, and Ciara often dreamt of them at night, crawling through her garden with their tails up, ready to strike.
Together, they had met their first nemesis, their early omen of things to come. Conor couldn’t help recall a quote he read somewhere, it was a quote from NPR Music critic Ann Powers: “Follow the path of the creature you want to swat, and you may find your way.” That moment their lives had changed; they found their way. That day, that very evening, was the beginning of the Alacránicles.


Watch for the next chapter: Chucho. Coming soon!



There are many possible combinations of relationships––some good, some not so good. Have you ever felt challenged in any of yours? If you’re like me, you are looking for the best you can find. You’re, more than not, looking for love, companionship, friendship, trust and probably great sex as well. And, we ALL deserve that and much more. After all, what is life without fulfillment? Without completeness? Without joy and harmony?

As I write this blog, let me start by thanking all the new Harmonology members who recently have joined this group. For me that’s very exciting. WELCOME!
Very soon, I hope to have for you an interactive page at where you can enter your birth month and the month of your partner and get an immediate music interval assessment, including a brief description of your relationship from the eyes of Harmonology. Further, there will soon be a link you can click on that will offer an in-depth analysis of your relationship, including not only your harmonious aspects but your challenges as well, along with suggestions and ideas for vastly improving your wonderful friendship. That’s Harmonology at work for you––effortlessly and simple.

Now, I find the graphic illustration above quite humorous, but it’s not necessarily how it always ends up. You can do a lot more to ensure that YOUR relationship goes better than that! That’s where the tools of Harmonology come in. In a short amount to time you will be using these concepts to vastly alter your interactions and bring more understanding and tolerance even to your most challenging confrontations. Lorraine and I find that we use these tools on a daily basis to give us a greater and deeper understanding and clarity even before we develop a closer relationship with new friends. You’ll be doing that too!

I love music. It’s been a driving force in my life since day one. I hold the power of music to be sacred. For me, it is the vibrational force of all that is! That’s you and me! Harness this great power and apply it for good––your good. Read Harmonology, put it through the test and then blossom and grow like the beautiful flower you really are!

Remember, as part of the Harmonology community, you can reach out to me with any questions or issues, at any time, and I will do my best to answer them using the principles of Harmonology. Just send me a contact email from the web page and I WILL return your inquiry.

Humanity is ready for change!


I am sharing this article without permission from the author. It originally came fromOracles and Healers
May they forgive me.

I feel it says it all! I hope it resonates with you as well.

Humanity is ready for change!

Humanity’s awakening process is further intensifying, as you may well have noticed. The need to awaken is emerging into the collective human awareness as the pain and suffering of the illusion, the dream or nightmare in which it seems you presently have your existence, becomes increasingly unacceptable. Violent and frequent conflicts and disagreements at every level of society in every nation and culture are leading to exhaustion and a deep seated desire for peace.

Those who have been in control for so long are in disarray as the power they thought they had and owned dissolves leaving them confused and terrified.

The nightmare that so many on Earth have been experiencing is drawing to a close as an era of peace, harmony, and creative cooperation flows in to replace it. It will be a new and gentle era, very different from the one to which you have for so long been accustomed, as people come together to join in love and completely change the way society has been interacting for eons.

Housing the homeless and feeding the hungry is the first priority, then, all across the planet, work will commence to repair the damage that large international corporations have done by mining, drilling, logging, dumping toxic wastes, and by industrial scale farming using utterly inappropriate pesticides and fertilizers.

Humanity is ready for change! And massive changes are occurring that will completely alter the way humans interact with one another and with the planet––your earthly home.

Your true nature is Love, you know that, but you chose collectively to hide your true nature from yourselves in order to play the game of separation in the illusion, but the many games you could choose from were only possible if you actively and very effectively forgot who you were. You made that choice, and then renewed it each time you chose to incarnate as a human on your beautiful planet.

Having forgotten who you were, you became alarmed – many of you today have memory problems as humans and find this at the least unsettling and, sometimes, even terrifying – and feared for your very survival. You developed an ego to advise and protect you from the dangers you imagined surrounded you and programed it to be fearful and mistrustful of others and of the world in general. And this general lack of trust led to secrecy, betrayal and conflict, conditions that are now endemic throughout the human collective, and to most the states of constant caution that have arisen as a direct result seem wise and sensible when you live in such an apparently dangerous environment.

However, the dangers of your environment are but scenarios that you invented to make your games interesting, and you can remove them at any time you choose to do so. You are all beings of enormous power, in fact in the terms of your limited human environment, your powers, were you aware of them, would seem infinite. You change the environment in which you experience life and you change the experiences presented to you by the intent that you hold. Your intent is what you generally think about or dwell upon, but frequently it is at a level below your conscious human awareness because it is so constant and unchanging, mostly guided by an underlying sense of fear. It is a little like the electricity that flows in your homes and powers the appliances, you are generally unaware of it – although you use it almost constantly – until it fails.

You have forgotten how powerful you are! That amnesia is an aspect of the illusion that is essential to its seeming reality. If you remembered who you are and how powerful you are the illusion would just dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being. Humanity’s awakening process is a process of remembering who you are, and signs of that awakening surround you even though many still choose not to see them.

The illusion has become very familiar, it appears to be your natural home. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are all essential aspects of it that enable you to live embodied as form within it, as a human being. But you are so very much more than the human form with which you have temporarily identified. In human terms, unimaginably more! You have become thoroughly accustomed to smallness. You see yourselves as practically insignificant in the larger scheme of things, i.e. in relation to the universe in which you are presently experiencing life, and that too causes you to be fearful. But that is an unreal environment which you chose to construct and inhabit!

Finding yourselves so small and limited you imagined an ego, also with very limited intelligence, to be your competent protector, and gave it power over you at the intention center of your mind so that it could respond instantly to threats and dangers, thus keeping you safe. Because its abilities are extremely limited it frequently flees into fear and then reacts inappropriately to what are truly quite unreal threats, and conflicts result.

You are not your ego! Your ego is like an automatic guidance system that maintains direction as you follow your human life path and prevents you from colliding with objects in your path, thus freeing you for creative thought and allowing you to open your heart to engage with the Love field in which you have your eternal existence. However, your ego keeps on distracting you from the peace within by calling to mind anything that will disturb that sense of peace. When you are at peace your ego feels abandoned, and it will do absolutely anything to get your attention. Whenever you feel fear, anger, judgment, or anxiety it is your ego that is controlling your mind and demanding your undivided attention.

Whenever you become aware of this, take a very deep breath and remind yourself that you are a beloved child of God, forever safe in His divine embrace, and make the intent to open your heart and invite God’s Love to fill it. Doing just this allows the abundance of divine Love to pour into your heart and bring you peace. Until doing that becomes automatic you will have to keep remaking that intent in moments of stress as your ego attempts to keep you fearful by drawing you out of the peace that dwells always within you. And as you remake that intent remind yourselves that you are divine beings of enormous power who need fear nothing!

Manifesting with Qi Gong

I am very proud to offer you a blog I wrote on manifesting. It was originally posted on The Law Of Attraction website.



Manifesting with Qi Gong

There are many, many techniques used for reality manifesting, and they all work – only not all of them work for everyone, so if you still haven’t made your desires come true, don’t give up of the entire concept, it’s just that you haven’t find the way that works for you.

Today we will present Qi Gong as a technique that you can integrate in your manifesting rituals.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Traditionally it is viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), or the “intrinsic life energy”. Some consider it an exercise, others a type of alternative medicine or meditative practice. Stephen O’Connor, a Qi Gong practitioner explains it like this:

Within this system we perceive our reality as being based on an energy matrix, an almost invisible grid of positive and negative Qi which acts to create this holographic theatre we call reality. By manipulating this energy we can greatly align our bodies – physical, emotional and subtle – with the perfect patterning of the Mind that created it, thus bring us back into optimum health and ideal functioning.

O’Connor has also developed a manifestation technique based on Qi Gong, which allows us to gain access to “the essential creative forces upon which everything depends”.

The Technique:

O’Connor outlines the precise technique that he uses:

  • Stand, spine straight. Tuck in your pelvis, then touch your upper palate with the tip of your tongue.
  • Bring your palms in front of your body, facing up but slightly away from the body. Keep your elbows away from the body.
  • Thank your Higher Self for being so forgiving and patient with your everyday slips in consciousness.
  • While in this stance begin to clearly visualize what you would like to manifest in your life.
  • Now, leave your left hand facing up and in front of the area just below the navel (where the vital center of your Qi is), and bring your right hand up just above the heart area, palm facing down toward the left palm. See yourself holding an imaginary ball in front of your body.
  • Imagine the sun between your palms. Feel the creative force of the universe tingling between your palms.
  • Begin to rotate the ball out and away from the body and to the right while rotating the bottom of the ball to the left and out with your lower hand. You should feel that you are massaging the sun and condensing the energy into a more compact and powerful field. That is your Qi ball. Rotate it 26 times while keeping the vision of the sun and its creative energies.
  • Slowly raise the lower hand up the body while lowering the upper hand down and in front, reversing the palms so that you are again holding the Qi ball. This time see the moon between your palms. The moon represents the receptive, mothering creative forces.
  • Rotate the Qi ball again, this time starting with the left hand moving out and to the left with the right hand moving to the right. Again rotate 26 times and stop.
  • Now, bring both palms to face each other in front of the navel area. While holding the Qi ball visualize both the sun and the moon between your hands. Begin to rotate the ball, palms always facing each other, 26 times. See the masculine energy being combined and condensed with the feminine energy.
  • Return to step 3 and repeat the routine two more times. Keep in mind your manifestation goal.
  • After the third time slowly draw your hands out to the sides in front to the body, parallel to the ground, palms facing each other. Slowly bring your hands back to within 6 inches of each other, feeling the Qi being condensed as though squeezing a plastic ball. Do this 2 more times. This way you are gathering all the energy from as far as you can imagine and bringing it into the center of your being.
  • Bring your hands up to under the chin, wrists touching, palms apart and to the sides of the face, and feel the Qi buzzing around your third eye area.
  • Lower your hands and know that your manifestation has been projected into the Qi ball you created. Now expect it to manifest as a tangible part of your reality.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this technique. It has worked amazingly well for us. Give it a try and let us know what you experienced.

Contact us at:





Wow, we had a great group of people over for our weekly Harmonology meeting. Everyone brought really interesting perspectives gained from applying the Harmonology intervals to their relationships.

One of the questions we threw around was “how does Harmonology apply in other cultures?” Good question. The truth: I don’t know! For instance, if a woman, born and raised in, say, San Francisco, marries a man from Pakistan or Ethiopia, do they inter relate the same as if she had married a man from the US?

  • How does cultural restriction come into play even when both parties are living positively and healthfully?
  • Can cultural restriction be viewed as baggage?
  • Is a musical interval even the same given that the music structures from other societies vary greatly from ours?


Then, there is the issue of male dominance in culture. I live in Mexico where we hosted this particular class. Traditionally, Mexico, as most of Latin America, is a machismo (male dominated) culture, though that’s changing rapidly.

Currently, I am in Guatemala studying Spanish. My teacher, a very young lady, mentioned that in the Guatemalan home, domestic violence often occurs. Now, knowing what we do about tough relationships, what happens in those households when the parents form a difficult b5 music interval to begin with? Remember, the b5 was called the “Devil’s Interval” in the 12 Century.

As I pointed out in my book, it’s usually the woman in that relationship who has total control over her partner. We can only guess what may happen when a woman exerts her powers in a macho household. Can the man socially, out in the open, accept his wife being dominant? How would that play out in the rest of the local Latino society where a man is not even supposed to do the dishes or clean the home!

Great questions, great thoughts. Perhaps you, or someone you know, are in a multi-cultural relationship. Do you have any answers? Do you have any opinions? I would love to hear from you. For me, it’s fun and rewarding to dig in to who we are. I hope you feel the same. We can all benefit from having a better understanding of who we are and how we all fit together.






We all want to know more about ourselves. We love reading our horoscopes, seeing our astrological charts or checking out our numerology. Most of the time, the descriptions we read are pretty accurate, often verging on the edge of psychic. We also love to read about the ones we love, or are near to, as well. By doing so, we can often gain great insights and information that helps us to understand not only ourselves but also those around us. We often ask ourselves:

What am I meant to be doing?

Will I be famous?

Will I marry the right person?

Am I a good match with my partner?

In the long run, we are all looking for help in making decisions that might improve our lives, softening a few of the bumps on the road to life. There are literally thousands of books published every year that promise self-help, many of them quite useful. You may even have some in your library.

Some amazing systems, such as astrology, are based on the movements of the planetary bodies. Others, the I Ching for example, are formed around the 64 hexagrams of opposing yin and yang. Yet others, Harmonology in particular, are based off the fundamental laws found in mathematics and music.

What’s important to remember is that Harmonology, unlike the other forms of divination, has its principles based off tried and true mathematical laws––the laws of vibrations. That alone gives you a platform on which to base your trust so that the knowledge you’ll gain will be solid and useful.

When you read Harmonology, you’ll intuitively understand why your favorite music makes you feel the way it does. And that’s because the notes, when combined   into familiar songs, vibrate in accordance with the vibrations of your body and heart. You know that it feels good when you hear those tunes.

Just as those notes make you feel good, being in close vibration with another person likewise often makes you feel good. You start to create an inaudible song together. You both get into the groove of love, a beautiful groove that fills the world with light.

Sometimes however, the song you create with another goes a bit sour. I’m sure you know pieces of music or songs that sound “off” to your ear. Even then, there are ways to re-harmonize the “notes” and get everything back on track, or at least discover that those two notes may never work well together and move on.

Check out Harmonology, and then join with your friends to talk about it and have fun learning how you all vibrationally fit together. You will have hours of great conversation and maybe even learn something new that you didn’t know about your good friends.

Make life positive, fun and exciting. You never know what may happen!

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Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance


Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance


In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqatsi means “unbalanced life.” In 1982, the word Koyaanisqatsi was used as the title of an interesting American experimental film directed by Godfrey Reggio, with music composed by Phillip Glass and cinematography by Ron Fricke. It depicted the different aspects of the relationship between humans, nature, and technology, and implied the unsettling disconnect that resulted from the ensuing chaos.

 Life Out of Balance. What does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

Throughout history, and in many spiritual traditions, balance has played an important role in forming our current view of life. The Taoists depicted balance with the Taijitu, the Yin Yang symbol. Judaism had the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple––the basis of Kabbalism. Even in modern science we see the measurements of heat, tone, sound, vibrations and other continuum as composed of opposing forces.

As humans, we require balance for our everyday survival. Physically, we thrive best somewhere between the searing heat of the Sahara and the frigid cold of the Antarctica. Our comfort zone is found at an altitude midway between the tip of Mt. Everest and the depths of the ocean. In general, we crave and require the midway point between extremes––the balance point.

These extremes can also be viewed as opposites: male/female, up/down, hot/cold, like/dislike, war/peace and hate/love. These are just a few of the possibilities we encounter everyday. In general, an aggressive tendency is considered yang while the passive is called yin. Both are essential for balance to occur. I see the shadow of yin/yang in music as Yin being melody and Yang as rhythm.

In our world today, we are experiencing an imbalance of yin/yang energy. Our world is in chaos due to the over abundance of yang energy––––the male, aggressive, destructive force. Yang energy is as necessary as yin, but when out of control the results cause difficulty and despair. You may notice the imbalance in many other forms. Music, for example, is almost totally yang today, Whereas, in the past, say the 50’s through the 80’s, the melodic yin influence was stronger.

Today, yang energy is everywhere we look. Daily, we read news reports of shootings, murder, rape, molestations, cartels, cheating, lying and greed. We see it perpetrated by officials in government, by the church, the police, by gangs, white supremacists, terrorists, even by Democrats and Republicans––”unbalanced life.” Nature, as well, is reflecting Koyaanisqatsi: earthquakes, drought, fires, and super tornados.

For balance to return to the Earth and your life, there needs to be a nurturing of yin energy––the feminine principle. Yin energy is love, acceptance, joy, peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence.

The same desire and need for balance we see in the external world reflects deep within us as well. Our bodies, being composed of vibrations, strive for balance to maintain not only our physical health, but also our happiness and our sense of the spiritual.

Yang foods, such as farm raised fish, hormone injected beef and poultry, modified corn, wheat, sugar and soy, along with processed meals both from stores and fast food outlets, cause imbalance that sets the stage for illnesses like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and more. Obesity will soon be the global norm. Obesity itself represents a yang form of body type: a form of aggressive posturing that reflects our fears and possibly our need for psychic body-armor. Negative thought and action are also forms of yang energy. They are just as destructive to our health as bullets and bombs.

Yet, balance is as easy to obtain as one would wish. It’s no different from imbalance. Balance is yin, Imbalance is yang––it’s like “on” and “off,” and it’s a matter of choice! Constantly choose to use love, acceptance, joy, peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence: choose to add yin energy to your world.

Furthermore, by practicing breathing techniques, performing daily exercise, doing yoga or Qigong, running and meditating, you are developing yin energy. Changing your diet: to less alcohol, less tobacco, less red meat and more fruits and veggies, you are developing yin energy.

When you gain balance you’ll be less affected by the global chaos, for when you are in balance, the world is one step more toward balance––you are the world, we are the world. It can be no other way. Help make Koyaanisqatsi only a movie title, not a way of life! Find your balance and keep it!







Greetings for Sunday, April 17, 2016

I have been taking Black Seed Oil for several years and found it to be an amazing product. Please read the following article written by Alexander Wolff for The World of Health 365. I hope you not only enjoy the read, but live a very healthy life!


The Plant That The Bible And Quran Speak Of It Cures EVERYTHING, BUT DEATH!

Alexander Wolff

It is a divine plant, which has been mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran. Thought of as a holy plant created by God, people have used it to relieve difficult medical conditions. Commonly known as black cumin, the real name of this plant is Nigella Sativa.

 This plant is great for the heart.

Black cumin has a positive effect on the heart, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and increasing their elasticity at the same time. According to research, black cumin seed oil can lower the levels of the “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and blood sugar levels while stimulating insulin production and increasing the cells insulin sensitivity.

Recent studies have shown that black cumin is a potential cancer cure, which is especially effective against carcinoma due to the direct effect on malignant cells.

 Black cumin

The plant is one of the most famous medicinal plants in history – ancient Egyptians used it against colds, headaches, toothaches and infections, and it was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. The black cumin seeds are even mentioned in the Quran, when the prophet Muhammad says: “Black cumin can cure every disease except death.”

A universal cure

Black cumin seeds have been used to treat many diseases since ancient times. Many experts say they are a universal cure due to their ability to treat almost anything. The seeds have been found to positively affect and cure many diseases including autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, allergies and allergic rhinitis.

They can also lower triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol levels; relieve eczema, acne, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus congestion, gastritis, ulcers, helicobacter infections, liver disease, chronic fatigue, lowered circulations and carcinomas; as well help soothe the effects of chemotherapy.


According to studies, black cumin seeds can relieve symptoms of different allergies, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. Black cumin oil can dilate the respiratory canals and ease the breathing, and due to its antibiotic properties, it can prevent development of secondary bacterial infections, which often come along seasonal allergies. Black cumin seeds can also reinforce your immune system and prepare it for better allergy reaction.

Thank you, and be well!