The Man With Three Brains


Over the years, there have been many a joke made about how the adult male has 2 brains. One is located in his head, while the other is located……well, you can guess. As it turns out, those jokes may have contained more fact than fiction.

Current Medical Science has been doing a bit of research on the intelligence of the digestive system––the solar plexus area––also know in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Lower Dantien. That area houses the reproductive organs, digestive system and eliminatory channels. In Eastern Philosophy it also contains the first 2 chakras.

Research is now showing that the gut communicates to the brain, often giving the brain information with which to formulate thought that is then sent on to your conscience where it is registered and perceived. The gut (digestive system of the body) has close to 500 million nerve cells and 100 million neurons and is almost the size of a cat’s brain. Not only does the gut “talk” with the brain chemically (by releasing chemicals which are then taken to the brain by blood) but also by sending electrical signals via the vagus nerve.

Vagus nerve is one of the longest nerves inside the body whose central purpose is to relay the information and status of internal organs like gut and heart to the brain. The area of the gut sends warnings about the potential level of danger it perceives, along with intuitions and premonitions and other bits of self-protective information required for your safety and security. You even may have said to yourself at some time that you had a gut feeling about something that later resulted in an unpleasant experience.

G. I. Gurdgieff, (1866-1949) the famous Russian mystic and spiritual teacher, wrote in his book, “All and Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson,” that the humans on planet earth were 3 brained beings. He wrote that most humans do not posses a unified mind-body consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep.” But, what are the three brains to which he refers, and how do we unify that mind-body consciousness?

You have read about the 2 brains of man, but now Medical Science is also exploring the intelligence of a third center––the heart center. The heart has nearly 2 billion muscle cells and 40,000 neurons. The heart neurons are very few in number compared to those in the brain (100 billion) or gut (0.1 billion). Nevertheless these neurons transmit heart’s signals and its condition to the brain. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex information-processing center with its own functional brain, commonly called the heart brain, which communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs and play an important role in mental and emotional experience and the quality of our lives.

The heart’s magnetic field, which radiates outside the body, carries information that affects other people and even our pets, and links people together in surprising ways. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body.

Similarly, in Qigong, the energy body is divided into 3 Dantiens or plexuses. One is located in the gut, as mentioned above. The second is located in the heart area and comprises the 3rd and 4th chakras, and the third is the brain, located in the cranium and includes the remaining chakras.

Just how these centers communicate with one another is still a complex theory, but evidence shows that the Vagus nerve and hormones play an important role in the process. They appear to be the conduit that transfers the information generated by each of the three “brains.”

Recent studies, as described by Anil K. Rajvnshi, director of the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, “have shown that the heart sends signals to the brain that are not only understood by it but also obeyed. Scientists have discovered neural pathways and mechanisms whereby input from heart to brain inhibits or facilitates brain’s electrical activity – just like what gut is capable of doing. Thus both gut and heart mind help in overall thought process.”

In summary, the gut nerve center is responsible for our sense of protection and security. It also is the seat of the Kundalini energy written about in tantric literature. Here is where the upward spiral of spiritual energy begins, ascending the spine until it passes the heart and enters the area of the Third Eye. When this area is fully opened, great sexual satisfaction is often experienced, along with an increase in intuition and vision and possibly Self-Realization.

Again, the third “brain” is the heart center. This area is responsible for providing us with a sense of beauty, compassion, love and altruistic feelings. It is truly a “coming from the heart.” When this area opens you’ll find yourself at peace with the world, a world that has already passed the scrutiny of the gut brain and found you to be safe and secure. You, then, will find new meaning in your daily live, new depth in your senses and new ways of perceiving beauty.

Finally, all of the transformed information acquired from the gut and heart brain is sent to the cranial brain to be processed into thought and perception. With that new and improved worldview, the brain can then help you make decisions based on clear, balance information. That is the start of unifying the mind-body consciousness. Next, you can learn several techniques that facilitate and develop that connection.

  • Next time, when you have a few moments where you can quietly think, ask yourself to explore what it feels like to “think” with your gut. See if you can actually sense an intelligence emitting from the solar plexus. Feel it become alive and conscious. Start by asking it if you are “safe.” Then, merely wait for a response. Acclimate yourself to this new way of perceiving reality. Then, experience how it feels to live with this new perception.
  • Next, go on to your heart-brain and give it permission to do all of your thinking. Feel how it adds a sense of beauty and comfort to your perceived environment. Ask that area what it senses; what is it interpreting from your environment? See if you can experience the warmth and love it adds to your life. Try to remain neutral in your headspace for now.

Finally, combine the intelligence of all three brains into one Super-Brain. With time and practice, you will develop powers and strengths you never thought possible. The linear, rational cranial brain no longer will hold you hostage. The ego will meld into the heart, while your lower nerve center will keep you safe. You then will become balanced in the way humans were meant to be––with complete mind-body conscious.

You have the POWER!




Being Right, Making Wrong


Being Right, Making Wrong

More than likely you have read the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, the contemporary spiritual teacher and author of the popular book, The Power Of Now. Within his writings he finds ways to express concepts and challenges shared by most everyone at some point in their lives. In his marvelous book, “A New Earth, Awaking to Your Life’s Purpose,” he discusses something we all create in common:  Being Right, Making Wrong.

On page 67 he states; “There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right. Being right is identification with a mental position––a perspective, an opinion, a judgment, a story. For you to be right, of course, you need someone else to be wrong, and so the ego loves to make wrong in order to be right.” That idea was also discussed in detail many years ago by the late, great Zen advocate, Alan Watts, in his book, On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. 

 Tolle then further clarifies the above statement by writing; “You need to make others wrong in order to get a stronger sense of who you are.” Haven’t we’ve all been there before?

Everyday, you come face to face with the challenge of being right or wrong. You encounter it at work, with you lover, your children, and on a broader level even the world in general. Many of you will barely survive your relationships due to the pressures of that ego driven force.

Harmonology is based upon the relationship of notes forming an interval. In music, any two notes form a vibrational pattern that inherently contains energy: dissonant, consonant, or a varying combination of both. Within a piece of music, that fecund energy gives rise to excitement, conflict, passion and tremendous beauty.

Our relationships contain that same rich and often challenging energetic interplay. Yet, by the shear nature of that energy, you may find yourself in a spiritual pressure cooker that will either run its course and dissipate, or transform and transmute you into a mature, loving person. Your life then will have become a natural and vibrant expressions of what it means to be human.

Your every relationship––whether based on a consonant or dissonant energetic interplay––must stand the test of being right or wrong. Know that “being right is identification with a mental position––a perspective, an opinion, a judgment, a story.”  It’s all a product of mind, not of heart.

Just how do you cease that constant stream of mental effluent and gain control of your destiny? A simple yet powerful technique was suggested in Frank J. Kinslow’s book, Beyond Happiness, How You Can Fulfill Your Deepest Desire.” Dr. Kinslow states:

Sit comfortable and close your eyes. Just follow your thoughts wherever they may lead you. Don’t guide them or judge them. Simply watch them come and go. After you have watched your thoughts for 5 to 10 seconds, ask yourself this question, “Where will my next thought come from?” Then be very alert to see what happens. Just wait and watch. Kinslow, pg 19

 “Do this exercise several more times and pay attention to the gap, the space between the thoughts. It may be fleeting but it will be there. The more you do it the wider and deeper the space becomes.” Kinslow, pg 19 Over time, you’ll find that the need to judge or follow a mental story softens and dissipates. You’ll find your heart awakening and a greater sense of peace and love permeating your life.

Now, go further into your wonderful relationships and more successfully weather the storm of Being Right, Making Wrong.


I Offer You A Beautiful Meditation



I offer you a beautiful meditation



When I attended the Ayahuasca sessions in Mexico with the Church of Santo Daime, they talked about the “Second Coming of the Christ,” (see Counterpoint to Reality a phrase often heard in fundamentalist circles. Not being an adherent to any organized religion nor a reader of the Bible, I tend to shun from terms and ideas such as that. But, the Santo Daime viewed the “Second Coming” as a process wherein one discovers, and then pursues the inner path to the heart––the seat of Universal Supreme Intelligence: a process that aligns the brain to the spirit. To me, that phrase finally made sense.


There has been a lot of talk in the medical research field that suggests that the heart functions similar to the brain, acting as a second source of intelligence. I think that research is a bit late in that the ancient Chinese and Indian philosophers were on to the idea many centuries ago.


The important concept here is that you can, and do have a choice as to how you respond to your universe. You can continue to only use your rational brain, located in your cranium (I think you’ll agree that that way of thinking has caused you enough trouble in life), or you can make the shift to the heart center, wherein lies the source of your intuitions, insights as well as your true intellect. Deep compassion for your fellow human, along with unending love flow from this center.


When one meets chaos and confrontation in life: something no one is exempt from, the choice always presents itself: think from the brain, or move to the heart. When you can move to the heart and stay there permanently you have achieved your “Second Coming of Christ.” You have gained “Christ Consciousness”.


If ever there were a purpose to your existence, that move, on a permanent level, would be it. You then will have beaten the revolving wheel of life and have achieved the ultimate goal––the merging of self with Self. The Esoteric Tradition refers to that as the “Slaying of the Dragon.”


I offer you a beautiful meditation––or thought to ponder. Please feel free to substitute the word God, Jesus and Christ with whatever other names you are comfortable with and that resonate with your beliefs.


“Just as Jesus prepared Himself to enter Jerusalem for the last time,

I reflect on those times when I arrived at a critical place in my life path.

There is always a choice – and, like the Wayshower, I focus upon that seed deep within me, speaking to every cell of my being, assuring that I can move beyond this great challenge, and rise to victory.

Even when I sit on that donkey, those emotions that want to tell me,

“I can’t…It’s impossible…It’s too tough,” I know that in the midst of the crowd is my Victor, The Christ that lives within me.

Thank You, God, for Your gift of Life and for Your precious example in the life of Jesus Christ.




Caring for the blooms in the Spring will bring bounty in the Fall


Wu Wei’s book, I Ching Life, states right in the beginning, “The concept upon which this book is written is that the universe is alive and aware.” He further states, “The information in this book has been set forth with one goal: to enable you to lead a better, fuller, easier, more productive life, free from the pitfalls that may have earlier beset your path.”


In Harmonology, I stated that the ideas contained herein have proven to be most accurate unless, of course, there is baggage brought into the relationship. In a sense, your relationship is your universe––alive and aware. And your goal is to be “free from the pitfalls that may have earlier beset your path.”


“Relationships require complete integrity. The first time we lie or are untrue to the person with whom we share a relationship, we condemn ourselves and our partner to a second class relationship.” Wu Wei, pg79 All of the fortuitous interval combinations in the musical/ relationship scale will become a moot point when the trust of one partner fails and the second class level begins to take command.


The great wisdom contained in Wu Wei’s little book augments and enhances the concepts and focus of Harmonology. He further states, “Very few relationships come to us exactly as we want them, but, with proper care, we can shape them into enduring pillars of strength and beauty within which great joy can be experienced and great deeds can be accomplished.”


It’s one thing to be born in a certain birth month, and then fall into a relationship with someone in a different month––expecting to live happily ever after. Yet, it’s quite another to aspire to be honest, true and creative within that structure so that it develops into a “better, fuller, easier, more productive life for both.”


Relationships are hard work. Whether you are in a dissonant and distant ½ step interval or an easy going major 3rd ––or better still, a unison––there are no easy ways through it without hard work. After all, “A relationship is like a garden. To create a condition that will cause our plants to thrive, we must weed, water, fertilize, communicate with, and care for the plants in our garden.” Wu Wei, pg 65


Accept and embrace the interval you form with your lover. But, remember to nurture that garden so that the blooms in the Spring will bring bounty in the Fall.



Select I Sing The Body Electric

I Sing The Body Electric


Since the beginning of human life as we know it, man has used music to communicate with the spirit world. At first, through drumming, then voice and finally with crudely built instruments, he has mimicked the sounds of nature and opened portals to the hidden world of the Soul.



In ancient China, the provincial leaders and emperors sent out “listeners” to the various hamlets and villages to hear what was being musically expressed. By doing so, the emperor could make determinations as to the psychological and spiritual health of his subjects.


Over time, like all the Sacred Sciences, music was slowly dethroned from it’s lofty position of being a direct channel to the Devine, and eventually relegated to the role of solely entertaining the dulled-down and enslaved masses.


Before the rise of the corporate world––where now everything, especially music, is viewed for its profit potential only––the church held the position of “keeper of the musical Spiritual Flame.” Up until the end of the Renaissance era, the church promoted and encouraged compositions that lifted the populace to higher and higher visionary plateaus, though not necessarily leading anyone to profound mystical experiences. The masses of Mozart, Josquin des Prez, Palestrina and others created compositional platforms wherein one might get a microscopic glimpse of the Light.


What is that force, still to this day, that drives one to music, to the power of sound––that mysterious and haunting maiden of seduction. Is the body somehow hard-wired to a matrix or grid of energy that sound manipulates? Could music hold the key that unlocks the access door to the soul? Whatever it is, it holds the power to move mountains.


Often, when I hear the opening bars of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, my heart breaks. And, when I hear the prelude to Tristan and Isolde, by Wagner, as in the movie Melancholia, directed by Lars Von Trier, my skin crawls with mysterious forlorn longing. Even hearing Miles play Blue in Green, by Bill Evans, repeatedly knocks me to the ground in passionate revelry. I become instantenously transcended to another world, a mysterious place of the hidden, the unknown. What is it that teleports my inner consciousness to the realms of timeless mystery?


In the midst of Qigong this morning I finally receive the answer I was yearning for. In the stillness of that very private world that one finds themselves in during meditations such as this, a chord was struck in the soft and soothing musical landscape accompanying the movements. It was a different chord, one filled with beauty and dissonance. I suddenly sensed an unusual opening in my heart that led directly to, what in the Western Esoteric Tradition was called, “The Holy of Holies,” that inner sanctum at the center of our being where our True Self resides.


My epiphany blossomed like a Night Blooming Cereus, fast and intentional, filled with a heady fragrance. SOUND IS VIBRATION AND WE ARE VIBRATION. When the proper combination of tones is combined, they magically align our energy matrix for a split second, opening a portal that offers direct communication to the Devine. That is what the Shaman, from prehistoric times to the present, has known. That is what Mother Ayahuasca exposes. AND That is one of the deep secretes that have been hidden from our view by the patriarchal powers that have controlled the masses for centuries. Music holds the power of transformation. Music aligns our vibrational energies into the patterns of perfection that brings about true health, deep happiness and the connection to Spirit that we all crave.


When you listen to music, choose wisely. Invite into your life the sacred vibrations of timeless creation. Let it Sing the Body Electric!



Harmonology and Astrology


I have been asked many times how Harmonology compares to astrology. That question definitely begs to be asked. I am not, however, that deeply acquainted with astrology, so I went to the internet to do a bit of study. What I discovered was quite reassuring and educational.

I did my investigation at, where I was able to chart out the astrological signs against the 12 note chromatic piano keyboard. The problem I encountered is that with Harmonology, birth months––e.g. June, July etc.––fall directly over a single piano note. An example would be January on the note C or June on the note F. Whereas, in astrology any particular sign most often falls over 2 consecutive months, as in Gemini––May 21- June 20. I could find no logical way with which to place 2 different months over 1 note. For Harmonology to be accurate, each individual month must correlate to an individual note.

I choose to cheat a bit and combine astrology and Harmonology into a similar paradigm. I moved the astrological signs forward to fit the months. I know I’ll get a bit of flack from the astrological community and so I ask their indulgence and forgiveness.

Harmonology is based off vibratory compatibility. 2 notes should be mathematically compatible in order to maintain the highest degree of consonant harmony. With that in mind, Harmonology chooses the intervals of the unison, flat 3rd, 3rd, 4th and 5th to be the most agreeable of combinations. These are the intervals that express unity, love independence and strength.

Let’s take the month January, on the musical note C. The previous paragraph gave us a small list of the strongest possible intervals for relationships. For January-C, they would be C, Eb, E, F and G. Any rock & roller would know that the basis of many of rock’s iconic tunes were composed from these combinations of chords.

As we look a bit closer to these special notes, we will isolate the flat 3rd and 3rd for a clearer view. You can read in Harmonology that these 2 intervals are the only ones that express romantic love. When you hear them played, it’s almost impossible to ignore the sentimental value they project. That feeling is not found with any other interval. You will agree that the characteristics found in these 2 intervals are essential for being in a close, loving relationship.

In astrology (and here is where it gets interesting and according to my web investigation) for the sign of Gemini, (month of June and the note F) being with someone who was  Libra or Aquarius was the most harmonious. AND, both Libra and Aquarius are in the musical relationship of a 3rd from Gemini.

Both Harmonology and astrology are in total agreement. Every sign exhibits this same connection, namely, an interval of a 3rd (or flat 3rd) is best for a harmonious relationship. Here is a list of each month and the 3rd/ flat 3rd interval:

  • January––April/ May & September/October                                                    February––May/ June & October/ November                                                             March––June/July & November/December                                                                  April––July/ August & December/January                                                                       May––August/September & January/ February                                                           June––September/October & February/March                                                              July––October/November & March/April                                                                   August––November/December & April/May                                                       September––December/January & May/June                                                           October––January/February and June/July                                                             November––February/March and July/August                                                       December––March/April and August/September

I will continue to investigate how Harmonology and astrology are interconnected and write more in the near future. In the mean time, remember: “The piano ain’t got no wrong notes!” (Thelonius Monk)


Contrapunto de la Realidad by Stephen John O’Connor

Mi viaje personal explorando el camino paralelo que toma nuestro espíritu/alma, escondido detrás del caos de nuestras vidas. La Energía de la Luz nos susurra y nos empuja suavemente en las nuevas direcciones que realizan nuestro camino de vida, dándonos significado y concentración, y permitiéndonos seguir la ruta que hemos elegido antes de nuestros nacimientos. Relato historias personales sobre iniciaciones en órdenes esotéricas, el encuentro con mi guardián, la exploración de vidas pasadas y su influencia y dones, Ayahuasca y la iglesia del Santo Daime de Brasil, y mucho más.

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Give The Gift Of Love this Season


For the new year, 2016, give the gift of love by giving those who are special in your life a copy of Harmonology. There is nothing more important in the world than those you love and cherish. By introducing them to Harmonology, you offer the opportunity to create more love and joy in their lives. Here is your chance to be a catalyst for change. Show your love and friendship with the gift that makes the difference!

Happy Holidays from Harmonology

War on Consciousness


For the last several years, I have felt perplexed at the “dumb down” of the world’s consciousness. The deeper, richer aspects of life appear to have been pushed away by the “white coated” scientific mentality. Rational thinking has produced global warming, war, weapons, drugs (both legal and illegal) and many other nefarious items all in opposition to art, music, culture and the general pursuit of our spiritual selves.
This article is one of the best at explaining where we are at and how we got there. I hope you can take the time to read it.

Words to Ponder, from Paulo Coelho


I am constantly being asked, “Why would someone choose to be in a dissonant relationship, one that by nature is comprised of contrary vibrations, when a smooth, easy going and loving one could be had? Wouldn’t everyone want the most loving and close relationship available?”


My answer is a qualified “No!” We all don’t need and, at times, don’t want a loving relationship. What we DO need is an interaction that compliments our soul path this time through our incarnation. I feel that if you were to seriously ask yourself why you are with your partner your answer would be something like, “I love him (her) but I don’t want to be consumed by him.” Or, “I need my space and my partner allows that, plus they support me in my life goals.”


Sometimes, by entering introspection, you discover that you are in a relationship that is not to your best interest. And here is an important concept. “Your best interest!” Initially, that sounds selfish. But, if you look closely, when you attend to your “best interest” you create an environment that is best for everyone else as well. By that, I mean when you are fulfilled and supported you are in a position to bring positive and healthful energy to everyone else. Vis-a-versa, when you are feeling defeated you radiate more negative energy and further complicate the flow of others around you.


Your best interest however, does not mean just perfect harmony. It may mean being with someone who you don’t need to see every moment––someone who lives an independent life from you. In the case of the flat 5th interval relationship, you may feel the urge to be dominant or submissive––active or passive. Or, as in the unison relationship, being together is what it’s all about.


Look carefully at your personal interactions and give blessings for the richness and diversity they bring to your life. Combined together, they are the spices that make your life as flavorful as it is. Avoid seeing them as positive or negative, but as presenting the necessary challenges you need to fulfill your soul’s urge for growth.


Peace and blessings,