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Stephen O’Connor’s Counterpoint to Reality explores his journey through personal crisis toward awakening to the guiding forces that speak from within, readily available once we choose to listen. The thin veil between reality, as our culture teaches us to perceive it, and the truth of a much more fantastic universe within which we exists as player, part and particle, is portrayed through O’Connor’s varied explorations of mystically oriented groups, travel and his use of Ayahuasca. One-by-one O’Connor’s adventures expand his awareness and his capacity for greater perception that both question and illuminate the meaning woven within life’s fabric. Some of his most mysterious experiences occur spontaneously, erupting out of circumstance and life’s extremes, while others marry to his pursuit of knowledge through varied esoteric realms. All give testament to the rich channels that flow through our lives, often unnoticed, yet filled with guidance, affirmation, challenge and awareness, a more than worthy purpose for the journey of any life. Counterpoint to Reality is an evocative, enjoyable read.

Cate Cabot

Author of Uncharted: A Journey Along the Edge of Time and Reality