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Harmonology: An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music is a non-fiction motivational book written by Stephen John O'Connor. O'Connor is a life-long musician and composer who has also delved into metaphysics and spirituality. In Harmonology, he presents a way of understanding how one's relationships with partners, friends and families are affected by the corresponding distances between months of birth. He analogizes from the 12-note musical scale to how vibrations or energy resonate between people. Notes that play smoothly together correspond to relationships where the number assigned to each month signals harmonious interactions. Discordant pairs of notes and their matching months can result in strained relationships. O'Connor provides charts that enable the reader to better understand the dynamics of any relationship. He also provides stories of couples who participated in his research to demonstrate how their interactions could be predicted by the degree of consonance or dissonance in their relationship. He also includes a list of cited readings in the appendix.

Stephen John O'Connor's non-fiction work, Harmonology: An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music, presents an intriguing, music-based approach to understanding the dynamics of relationships. As I read through the text, I started checking out some of the good and not-so-good relationships in my life, and O'Connor's system was pretty accurate. It helped me understand how and why repeated efforts to have pleasant and mellow conversations with some relatives just doesn't work, but, more importantly, Harmonology seems to offer insights and understanding to help bridge those divides. I enjoyed seeing how the author was able to make the connection between harmonious notes and relationships, and found the case studies he presents to be very helpful in understanding his theory. No, it's not science, as O'Connor readily admits, but it does offer an improved understanding of the relationships in one's lives, and that's a very good thing. Harmonology: An Insider's Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music is recommended reading.

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Every soul arrives on Earth after being able to listen to the Music of the Spheres. We miss it. Stephen O'Connor brought it with him when he came in, and then wrote this book. Pay attention, class! This is music and relationship dancing together like never before in the history of man, harmony or astrology!

Time is something I used to believe in--in fact, I owned wrist watches from the age of 7 through the age of 52. Then I stopped believing in it and my Morning 'To Do List' became an Evening 'Got Done List' through reverse time technology. It was more fun to just get things done than to worry about doing them and crossing off the list.

Astrology is something I used to believe in until I read some book that made me see it a new way. What if all your cells--in the entire universe of your body--went around asking one another if they were born under the sign of the Liver or the Patella?

Music is something I've believed in since my little piece of spirit broke off from some sort of Personality Big Bang. The time marker of my birth month was used by O'Connor to match up to a vibration--which is something else I believe in (and with frequency)!

This book is one of the most unusual you'll ever have the pleasure of both reading and interacting. You'll hear months in a whole new way--as you will see your loved ones, friends and acquaintances who all have birth month music markers.

This 'harmonology' is fun, insightful and meaningful. This book is the key to unlocking the door of your own music signature as it is embedded in your soul.

(As I wrote this review, the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" was playing in my head. I'm going to go pick out the tune on the piano keys...with one hand. My birthday is in January and my key is see. I mean C.)


January 06, 2015

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Fascinating reading. A whole new way of thinking about why some of my past relationships clicked and some didn't. I had to smile at the stories in the book about other couples. Found myself nodding my head, thinking "Yeah. Been there myself..." I sat at the piano and tapped out notes - some absolutely resonate, some jar your ears. I did the birthday calculations. It all seems to fit. Stephen O'Connor has his finger on something moving and profound.


January 3, 2015

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Stephen O'Connor has succeeded in writing a truly new book that significantly adds to our awareness about ourselves and our relationships. Harmonology is material that has never before been written about. Because of his lifetime of work in music - playing before audiences, writing his own music, including a symphony; creating many well know commercial tunes, and even writing and producing the score for a movie, Stephen has been able to put together this wonderful book that we all would do well to read, understand and put into practice. Over my adult lifetime, I visited with Steve (my younger brother) many times and watched him produce musical work in a seemingly magical way (he always said he simply hears the music in his head before he puts it down on the score sheets, and then plays it out, with very little editing, on his production equipment. This book comes out of that mode of production - it literally grew out of his connection to the All That Is. The result is a book that will become essential reading for anyone who wants to learn a new way to look at our relationships, to use the information to improve those relationships, and to know why we have problems with those closest to us. Stephen gives us powerful information and then gives us the ways we can resolve those difficulties and helps us realize that our relationships are what they are by more than just happenstance - that they are part of our opportunity to grow and to resolve our often karmic debts involving our spouse, our children, our parents and those others who we cross paths with. Every significant encounter between us and every other human being in our lifetimes is with purpose - to find ways to resolve issues. Harmonology gives us a whole new way to work on those relationships. It gives us a renewed opportunity to do what is most important in our human lives - to really improve our connections to each other. And nothing else is more important than that!

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December 28, 2014

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Harmonology by Stephen J. O’Connor offers an interesting lens onto the musical dynamics at play within relationships. O’Connor’s mastery as a musician has given him the tools to translate a system he calls harmonology. This system breaks down the qualities of dissonance and consonance or resonance that exist within all of our interactions, effecting our capacity for harmonious relationship — with others, and therefore, with ourselves. Using his system, the musicality of interaction is illuminated in fascinating ways. This book will greatly enhance the dance of any relationship — a dynamic means to understand and relieve frictions through the lens of musical harmonics..

Cate Cabot

Author of Uncharted: A Journey Along the Edge of Time and Reality